26 March 2023

Video Alert! Do your Salon Clients Cheat in the Shower? Find out WHY!

What does it take to stop clients cheating ‘in the shower’ and buy their hair products from you? The Shortcuts team hit the streets to find out from the source…

Salons frustrated with clients playing hard to get when it comes to retail need to up the ante on their marketing efforts if they want to win them over, according to the latest installment in Shortcuts Software’s Cheating Clients video series.

Numerous clients, caught on camera by Shortcuts’ intrepid film crew for ‘Why Clients Cheat in the Shower,’ openly confessed their infidelities against their salon when it came to buying product. And while their reasons for straying varied; the majority said they would be more likely to buy from their salon if they were rewarded for their loyalty.

We went out to ask real people in the street what it would take to get them to purchase hair products from their salon, rather than online or another retailer,” said Paul Tate, CEO of Shortcuts Software. “What we found was that although many salon owners think their clients buy elsewhere because of price, the clients were more influenced by value, which is not necessarily the same thing.”

Paul said salons looking to boost retail sales needed to think differently when it comes to marketing their products in today’s competitive marketplace.

These days clients have more options than ever when it comes to their product purchases, and will go outside the salon unless they are motivated to stay. Points-based loyalty programs are extremely effective because they provide clients with tangible rewards for buying products from the salon, rather than elsewhere. Couple that with targeted email marketing based on prior purchase history, and a prescriptive product conversation within the consultation itself, and you have a powerful retail marketing strategy.”

Find out more at www.showercheat.com


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