24 July 2024

CoCre8 in Miami! Christopher Dove & John Simpson to host Beauty and the Barber

Beauty and the Barber is a new educational event making a splash in South Florida by Beauty Schools of America who have managed to get the incredible Christopher Dove and John Simpson as the hosts to the event next Sunday, December 6th in Miami!

This event is open to all and ESTETICA wanted to get the inside scoop from these masterminds about how they learned about Beauty and the Barber as well as what they plan to bring to this must-see event. 

This unique beauty competition focuses on education, especially since it is sponsored mainly by Beauty Schools of America. You guys define CoCre8 as an educational brand with over 50 years of joint experience; how do you plan to bring that into your role as hosts?
As Hosts for the Beauty Schools America Event, we as CoCre8 will do simply that: CoCre8 with all levels of the industrythrough education, sharing of ideas as well as motivating the participants. The journey of our combined 50 years plus allows us to re-energize the thought process of many, while exposing the possibilities to a younger industry talent. Our personal journey has led us to many global stages. Always offering not only Best In Class Education, and production, but a form of something called “Edutainment.” – taking a poignant moment and wrapping around our industry humor, so that it stays with you for a lifetime. We are looking forward to sharing everything possible of what we love about the industry, as we can be the thread which ties together all aspects of the show.”

How did you feel when BSA chose you to host the event?
To be asked to act as Hosts for the Industry BSA Show is a tremendous honor. As the BSA organization is setting the industry bar high and making their mark as the premium industry show is so relevant to us as CoCre8. We have begun just this year as our own brand, even though we have played many roles within the industry. To be the educational message thread throughout the day is huge for us. Besides the flattering opportunity, to speak to so many industry professionals under one roof is the most major honor possible.”

This is a very important year for the show since it’s establishing it’s place in the beauty industry. What was it about this event in particular that made CoCre8 choose to participate in the Beauty and the Barber Competition & Expo?
As CoCre8 we are all about Raw, Authentic Education which supports the entire industry. To see the stylist competing to gain their top position in their category, to be a part of the educational presentations coming together to share the love of what we do, so that others may gain success is what we are all about. To share our message of Brand Agnostic Education as well as being asked to showcase our Interchangeable Professional Styling tools was an offer we wouldn’t think of refusing. The educational line up, as well as the attendance of industry professionals will be exciting and rewarding.”

What does having an event like Beauty and the Barber mean to the changes that are taking place in the professional beauty business?
The industry is definitely taking a shift in the educational arena, as well as the salon professional. Brand Neutral education is a movement which has begun to happen. The hairdresser helping the hairdresser. Events like the Beauty and the Barber is an arena which allows all of the industry to be attainable to the education which they want to have, versus the education they are only obtain through point networking. This event will be a force of education, new tools and ideas which will support all of the industry needs, as well as expose the industry to possibilities which otherwise may have not been imagined.”

Now tell Estetica a bit about the CoCre8 culture and why your curriculum stands out as a unique education brand in the market?
CoCre8 is the creative collaboration of the Dove Simpson message. We CoCre8 to bring to life industry hair cutting, hair coloring and hair styling educational collections which work within any salon. We are a Brand Neutral based education company which creates a method of industry techniques to allow the stylist/hairdresser a way to implement and customize every salon guest. Let’s face it, we are not trying to reinvent the industry, simply a new thought. A Raw and Authentic thought, which allows the stylist/hairdresser to utilize behind the chair every single day. CoCre8 hair cutting is all about creating the perfect shape and form. Our hair coloring education is about placements, corrective procedures and formulation thought in level and tone to fit any color brand the salon is utilizing. CoCre8 hair styling is about achieving the perfect finish. The how to create the look, while utilizing the perfect tools. From a beautiful blow out to the hair as art. Our goal is to inspire the industry with realistic education that they will profit and benefit from CoCre8 is education, Raw & Authentic education. We CoCre8 with the industry in many ways. The salon and salon stylist/hairdresser of course, though we also CoCre8 with the industry entirely. We have developed education and curriculum for manufacturers, as well as developed collection image campaigns both noted and anonymous. As long as the industry will gain and benefit from the project. We choose to CoCre8 with like minded industry people of all levels to hold prestige that the industry deserves.”

How is CoCre8 seizing the opportunity to make a splash?
As CoCre8, we have had our stage moments as education, we have presented awards at major events. What we are truly excited for is to seize the moment as the industry powerhouses we are… LOL. No, really, we plan to show up and show up in a big way. To spread the love of our industry. The Hair Color Panel Discussion with tons of visuals and “How To’s” is an amazing portion of our day. This will be our very first CoCre8 Booth Space featuring our Professional Wand Styling Kit with 6 Interchangeable Heads in one unique CoCre8 Kit. Of course, we have an offer that any professional can not refuse. There will be a ton of education all through the day, though with many wardrobe changes we are sure… We will make sure that all in attendance is filled with education and inspiration.

How are events like Beauty and the Barber important to a professional’s development?
Events which provide education as well as new tools and ideas are an essential part of being in any industry. From a new industry professional looking for an answer, to the seasoned professional looking for inspiration. To grow you need knowledge, events like this is the answer. As soon as you feel that you have achieved and gained Perfection… START OVER!!! So that you can continue to grow!

If you could give advice to any salon professional looking to become an entrepreneur (not just work behind the chair,) what would it be?
Follow your dreams, as there are no limits to what you can achieve. Know that it takes dedication, hard work and determination. Hone in on your craft and expertise of what makes you you. Know the uniqueness which sets you apart, but be willing to share and share it all. Don’t just look for the “Insta” celebrity, that is being done, look for the “What’s Next” and go for it smart, but with full force. Never let fear stand in you way, go for it with all the passion you have.”

Any exciting news for CoCre8 coming up in the next months?
CoCre8 Education in 2016 is lining up! We kick off the month of January with two educational filled days in Long Beach at ISSE. Our educational tour will be released soon for “Hands On” classes hopefully near you, and the CoCre8 Irons will continue to be the staple of love which is a story of its own. Our website www.cocre8.biz and the interactive education it holds will continue to evolve and keep us connected, and the growth of our CoCre8 Team sharing and spreading the love of Raw, Authentic Education. We hope to see you at an event or class along the way. Please come over and say “Hey” . We encourage everyone to live life to the fullest, be raw, be authentic, simply… Be You!

Want to attend Beauty and the Barber next Sunday, December 6th in Miami? Click here!


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