19 May 2024

Recharge with Anthony Barmer, Wahl Education and Artistic Team Member

It is obvious that barbers and stylists are extremely passionate people. This is why Wahl Education and Artistic Team (W.E.A.T.) member Anthony Barmer believes it is important to recharge.

To recharge means mentally going back to the beginning, remembering why you got into this field, digging up that feeling you had for the first time when you knew that this field is for me,” he said. “That moment for me was very defining; I will never forget that feeling. It keeps me hungry for education and always wanting to better my skills.”

Along with other artists from W.E.A.T., this year Barmer diverged from the traditional curriculum to develop specialized classes, known as Wahl Recharge. When behind the chair, a stylist pours their passion, their drive and their creativity into their art, and it must be replenished.

This field can be very demanding, mentally and physically. In order to be successful at it you have to be sharp at all times,” Barmer said. “Staying recharged you will stay energized, sharp and creative and your clients will benefit by the work that you put out.” For Barmer, teaching is his way of recharging his passion. Working with other passionate barbers and stylists refuels his energy and keeps him aware of why he chose this career.

Recently, Barmer returned from St. Petersburg, Russia where he taught a two-day course titled American Barbering. During the first day, Barmer demonstrated five haircuts using a variety of on the scalp and off the scalp cutting techniques that transcends to all clipper cuts. The second day was a five-hour hands-on class where students duplicated the previous days techniques on live models.

Barmer showcased the cordless Super Taper, Icon, Detailer, Magic Clip, Mag, Chrome Style Mini and Chrome Style with the all in one blade.

My favorite Wahl tool, right now, is the cordless Magic Clip,” he said. “The blade is great for fading and cutting wet or dry hair. It’s light weight, has a strong motor and it has 90 minutes of running time.”
The Magic Clip is also great for Barmer’s favorite technique. “One of the main techniques I taught is called Graduation. If you want to clipper cut you need a strong core technique that can work on any clipper cut, that’s what the Graduation technique gives you,” Barmer said.

Most short to medium length haircuts have some degree of graduation. Even fades have graduation. With a strong graduation technique, a barber or stylist can achieve a seamless blend without a line of demarcation. Helping his class in Russia learn and improve clipper techniques is what keeps Barmer passionate. “Educating and working around young barbers and stylists; to see the light bulb come on for a young barber or stylist is amazing and it motivates me,” Barmer said. “It keeps my passion and love for the trade alive.”

W.E.A.T. is a 15-member group of industry professionals that are the leaders and educators for Wahl. They are highly trained and technology advanced artists capable of instructing any skill level. Their goal is to provide student and licensed hair professionals with clipper education, and they believe that education is the key to a stylist’s success.

To meet the team, visit www.wahlpro.com/education



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