2 June 2023

Monday Biz Tips! How to Build a Successful Brand: Top Three Examples!

Branding is about how customer remember your business. It’s a recall. It’s everything. Don’t miss the point: there’s more to branding than just a logo… Summit Salon Business Center shares with us top three examples of salon branding… just define yourself!

1. Philanthropic: Giving and community-minded to help raise awareness and impact the greater good of your local marketplace.

  1. “Give to Live” – Tag line
  2. Interior space communicates philanthropic goals, mission statements, and philanthropic events.
  3. Your website, social media, and all marketing leans towards educating people on your why, human impact, community or global needs, local philanthropies, programs, and company involvement.
  4. •  Your company frequently holds cut-a-thons, event nights designed to help at-risk women, food drives, operation back pack program to feed kids after school meals, local non-profit partnerships, give-back promotions, employee rewards for volunteering time to support your causes.
  5. You do donation drives, you’re members in the community, you care about helping others, and you do good for the community.

2. Educational and Trend focused on beauty, fashion, health, and wellness. Recognized as the market leader in your community.

  1. Company infrastructure is organized and leans heavily towards education, monthly in-salon training, outside industry expert training, employee mentoring programs, creating a culture of educational sharing and best practices.
  2. Social media communicates education advancements, classes, staff certification achievements, tips, and beauty and wellness education.
  3. Your training budget is intentional, your manufacturer partnerships are purposeful, and your employee benefits are designed for training rewards and recognition.
  4. •  You are known in your community for your beauty, health, and wellness blog, you do an annual fashion event to teach trends, styles, and best beauty practices.
  5. •  You are passionate about training, in-salon trainings are commonplace, your team loves new information, supportive help, and guidance.

 3. Technological and Advanced in your methods, service standards, and internal and external practices.

  1. Your website is ahead of its time—You have an app for first time new client consultations pre visit; you invest in your website, upgrades, and mobile functions.
  2. You focus on SEO and SEM and invest your money and time to continually stay ahead of your market when it pertains to video integration, app usage, internal check-in and check out systems, online surveys, etc.
  3. Your consultations are completed on tablets, you offer apple pay, your stylists have professional individual social media pages, you utilize flat screens to present news, information, and results during staff meetings, and your training programs incorporate Go-pro cameras and multimedia platforms.
  4. Your marketing incorporates technology through Vine videos, a YouTube channel, blog, iPhone videos, and all of the most current social media broadcast mediums, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, YouTube, etc.

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