27 May 2022

Video Alert! The Value of Relationships: Ruth Roche’s A Family of Hair

More than any other profession, hairdressers develop a very special relationship with the people in their lives – clients become friends and friends become clients

Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, shares “A Family of Hair,” close friends whose hair she has taken care of since she met them 20 years ago. Cari (the best hair ever), Roger (yes, from ‘General Hospital’) and Langston (so adorable).

Doing hair never feels like work to me, especially when it is for dear friends, and we combine it with hanging out and sharing meals together,” says Roche.

Roger has had many different hairstyles and even colors… know what a thinking alley is? Watch the video! He also has killer dance moves…

Cari is a wild child, Roche has known her since the 80’s, so she cuts her hair with just her fingers to give it a rough finish, using a comb would make it too perfect.

Langston was still her mama’s belly when Roche first met her, she’s helped evolved her style from birth!

Is there anything better than being a hairdresser?!


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