24 March 2023

Resonance Collection by Farouk Systems

Farouk Systems, Inc. presents the ‘Resonance Collection’ – created by Farouk Systems Global Artistic Director, Patrick Kalle and Creative Design Director, Maurice den Exter and Color Director, Richard Jordan.

Launching during the autumn/winter 2015-16 season, the ‘Resonance Collection’ is the merging of differences to create harmony and balance. Resonance is a natural frequency of vibration where spirit and style meet and come alive when they resonate. The combination of different textures and forms create a new vibration in cut, style and color. The interior layering and graduated texture in the exterior areas create harmony and a line of balance.

Soft form lines with a smooth touch characterize the ‘Resonance Collection’. Smooth surfaces reflect shine and light to create a high gloss effect. This collection brings back the artistry of color placement. The creative mind, artist hands and the pencil are the basis of color painting techniques, creating a vibration of color.

With combining the innovation and technology of Farouk Systems color, products and tools along with the necessities of fashion-forward hair, the ‘Resonance Collection’ explores the merging of differences to create harmony and balance.

  • Credits
  • Hair: Patrick Kalle, Richard Jordan, Maurice den Exter
    Photo: Richard Monsieurs
    Makeup: Juliette den Ouden
    Styling: Jeroen Kamphorst


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