27 January 2023

Gimme-5 with Ted Gibson: One-of-a-kind Influential Style Maker

There is no one in the business like Ted Gibson with work that has gathered international acclaim from the fields of beauty, fame and high fashion. This easily makes him a highly skilled and sought-after editorial, runway, and celebrity hairstylist in the business.

Estetica Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing with Ted to unveil the inner workings of his genius… dont’ miss out!

1. How do you describe your personality?
“Crazy – in a good way haha! I have a lot of energy and am constantly putting my efforts into different projects and ideas. I love to have fun but and also serious about creating and empowering hairdressers. I treat everyone the same, whether it’s Angelina Jolie, one of my clients from New Jersey or one of my employees.”

2. Where do you get inspiration for your job?
“I get inspiration from everywhere! People walking in the street, old movies, my employees… the world is a beautiful place and I try to let everything inspire me. More than just being a hairdresser, the ability to touch people’s lives and to change their outlook on how they feel about themselves is what motivates and inspires me everyday.”

3. How do you use social? And Why?
I love love love social media! I use them all – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & Periscope. I have so much fun with it, posting pictures of my work with my Gibson girls, in the salon and personal, fun stuff..”

4. Do you think social are a good way to promote your business?
“The power of social media is absolutely incredible and I can personally attest to its influence and how it can build your business. My social media pages such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat & Periscope allow for me to reach my followers individually and get my message across in fun & creative ways. Social media connects me with people I would have never been able to connect to without it. I always say, social media is like free advertising! Why not use it?”

5. Can you share with us your best tips to have beautiful hair?
Do not shampoo your hair every day! As a stylist, I love day old or even 2 day old hair as it allows for me to create amazing looks due to the added texture. Shampooing your hair too much can also cause your glands to produce more oil, thus making your hair oilier instead of dry and fresh. Use dry shampoo or even baby powder at your roots to soak up excess oil in between washes. If you must shampoo your hair, wash your hair at the roots and leave the ends.
Invest in your hair products! You cannot expect to have Gibson girl gorgeous hair using inexpensive, drug store shampoo and conditioner. Ask your stylist to recommend a good shampoo and conditioner that will produce the best results for your hair type and texture.
Make sure that you trim your ends every 4-6 weeks. No exceptions! Trimming your ends are crucial to healthy, voluminous hair.
You should change your hair at least every 6 months. If you are a client and your stylist has not recommended a change lately, or if you are a stylist and are not introducing new styles and new ways to change up color on your clients then you are missing the mark. Remember, “Hair Changes Everything!

By Antonella Machet



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