9 December 2021

Estetica Exclusive! The United Color of Beauty by Michael Marenco

Through this unprecedented series of 24 photos, “Tribute to Wilhelm Ostwald,” Michael Marenco unveils a lot of the intention behind his work and passionately expresses his ode to colorists through this collection, published exclusively by EsteticaNetwork.

Pick three adjectives to describe yourself with.
“Humanist , visionary, respectful.”

Today, where can someone have the pleasure of seeing you?
I’m still in Paris, Miami and Milan! I travel the world to give seminars in cutting, but I also travel to work on editorial as well as coaching session. I continue to work in the world of fashion especially the shows in Milan and Paris Fashion Week, and, of course, I continue my own editorial work. I have created my communications agency for which I create advertising campaigns and communication tools for various clients in the sector who are in search of both elegant and energetic images.”

How did this unique 24 frame shoot come about and why focus on a tribute to Wilhelm Ostwald?
This tribute to Wilhelm Ostwald is truly a tribute to all colorists. I started my career as a colorist. I remember my first steps in hairdressing at Studio Wella Milan as Junior Colorist. I have always retained a special love for color, so I found it interesting to refer to the Nobel Prize winner, which allowed many to understand and love the color, analyze its proper use and especially how color can influence our lives. Color is a very important reason my salons make clients feel in peace with themselves when they leave. The colorist is oftentimes ignored when compared to the cutter, so through this collection, I wanted to acknowledge the work of all my colorists friends!”

What other messages did you want to get through this collection?
“I wanted to do a collection where everyone can feel included. And speaking of everyone, with emphasison the theme was equally. I like cultural diversity and I am inspired by the differences you see everyday. Everyone deserves to feel listened to and not to be treated in an unnatural way. The collection showcases types of hair textures, colors and very different cutting geometries. In my salon, everyone is welcome! And my goal is for each client to feel absolutely unique.”

How was your collaboration with the photographer Kay Smith? How were your artistic exchanges and differences met?
“I had the chance to know Kay in his youth. I smile when I remember the small apartment where we set our first double shot series. There was no room and I waited my turn sitting in the toilet! Immediately, our collections were published! We all continued our work on various projects like international campaigns, then we were nominated for HDA and eventually our work was published in the AIPP Hairbook. There is a real symbiosis in our work and he is always present when I have a new project in mind! I found a true ally and our exchanges are super smooth with a genuine stance. Two words to define our work dynamic are fluid but strong.”

What are the artistic fields that influence you when you create a collection?
“Influences in my work come from my travels. I have had the chance to meet and network with many different kinds personalities worldwide, which to me is the essence of empathy and creative energy. Through my travels, Internet and social networks, I have access to a unique international creative panorama.”

What are some artistic themes that can be seen throughout your portfolio and career? On what projects are you working on now?
The hairstyles and politics. The hairstyles and nature. The hairstyles and fantasy. These three are my new projects! They are always important because they allow me to propose a question.”

Are artistic collections an important tool for training?
They are important when learning to communicate and share. To invoke desire and encourage everyone to do even better work while showing that the hairstyling is the difficult job that it is! The artwork is also an indispensable means to practice teamwork. It’s essential to never forget that!”

Your next mission?
To have fun, listen, share and repeat it all over again! That is my mission.”


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