1 April 2023

In Memoriam: Don Bewley, Founder of Eufora International

With great sadness, Eufora International just announced the passing of its co-founder, Don Bewley, on October 30, 2015 at his home in Carlsbad, CA.

A 30-year veteran of the salon professional industry, Bewley was one of the few hairdressers to still own a professional manufacturing corporation. He and his wife, Beth, founded Eufora more than two decades ago with the mission of serving independent salons. Bewley’s career began in New York City where he trained with the industry’s best and learned to become a talented stylist. He went on to own multiple profitable salon locations in Cleveland where he was recognized as one of the top five retailing salons in North America, and enjoyed many years as a platform artist, as well as a Distribution Executive.

Not pleased with what he saw happening in the industry he loved, Bewley decided he wanted to take a greater role in elevating the salon industry, not just creatively, but also from a business perspective. “Hairdressers built this industry and they deserve to reap the rewards,” said Bewley. “As I traveled North America, I was overwhelmed by the many starving artists in our industry. I believe in the power and talent of my peers, and as a proud hairdresser myself, I know that greater success is possible through the right education and working with a committed manufacturer who is dedicated to more than just selling products.” His vision was the foundation of which he built Eufora, which has become one of North America’s fastest growing professional companies.

The success of Eufora can be attributed to their unique, top performance products and even more so to their commitment to providing diverse, comprehensive education addressing the creative, technical and business needs of salon professionals– something Bewley was passionate about his entire career.

Bewley leaves behind his wife, Beth; two sons, Sean and Sam; and his daughter, Brynn. As the heart and soul of the Eufora family he also leaves behind thousands of stylists, salon owners, educators and other salon professionals who have been inspired by his belief in the power of the professional beauty industry.


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