27 January 2023

Wahl Professional debuts its Game-Changing 5-Star Cordless Detailer

Go from Trim to Line in Seconds with Detachable T-Wide Blade & Taper Lever! They say it’s all in the details. But Wahl’s newest trimmer will be missing one detail — the cord.

Like the corded 5-Star Detailer, the cordless version will fit the T-Wide Blade for precise, close trimming. But the new Cordless Detailer adds additional flexibility with an adjustable lever that allows for sharp lines on all hair textures. The new trimmer also features a compact, yet powerful, rotary motor.

Barbers and stylists want a trimmer that’s easy to adjust, cuts great, has a lot of power, is lightweight and cordless. The Wahl Cordless Detailer has all of those attributes,” said Anthony Barmer, a member of Wahl’s Education and Artistic Team (W.E.A.T.). “I have been a licensed professional barber for more than 20 years. During that time I have used and accumulated a lot of trimmers. Today, my go to trimmer is the Cordless Detailer because it can do it all.” Barbers and stylists across the country have echoed Barmer’s sentiments.

They have been begging for a cordless trimmer that can drive the T-Wide Blade,” said Lance Wahl, Director of Sales and Marketing for Wahl Professional. “The adjustable lever allows you to use this trimmer on a variety of different hair textures. You can adjust it to create a super sharp line and then take it back when cleaning up the neck line or when trimming someone with sensitive skin.”

Wahl unveiled the Cordless Detailer on Snapchat during Cosmoprof North America held this summer in Las Vegas, giving stylists the precision cutting of the T-blade with new flexibility and freedom from the cord.

The Cordless Detailer can satisfy the trimmer needs of every barber and stylist,” Barmer said. “It has an adjustable lever on the side that can be used to set different levels of sharpness. This trimmer can be used to accommodate any client from a small child to a course-haired adult.”

The Cordless Detailer includes three trimming combs, a lithium ion battery, a charging stand, and boasts a 60-minute battery life. Additionally, the size and contour of this already industry-changing tool is designed to fit large and small hands alike. “There is nothing like this product out in the market,” Wahl said. “The adjustable lever feature and powerful motor alone make this a premium cordless trimmer. It is a game changer. We are excited to bring this power and technology together.”

For more information about Wahl Professional, please visit wahlpro.com


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