2 December 2021

Epic Dream by Domenico Tartaglione for Creative Lab

Domenico Tartaglione’s collection for Creative Lab pays homage to the contemporary warrior woman. With romantic, hippy, and gothic references. The contemporary woman as a heroine in her own time.

Heroic and warrior, femininity assumes hippy, ethnic, gothic, military, and even some post-romantic tones. Colors are bold, from deep chestnut brown to the most luminous platinum blondes. Strong contrasts of looks, separated and messy strands, with just the right aggressive allure.

  • Credits
    Hair Artist: Domenico Tartaglione for Creative Lab
    Artistic Director: Antonio Balzano
    Technical Director: Sebastiano Balzano
    Hair Stylist: Annalisa Trulli, Alexia Ginese, Emanuela Turano
    Photo: Alfredo Bernasconi
    Makeup: Anna Ancarani @ HM Battaglia
    Styling: Angela Marcato
    Products: Wella Professionals
    Coordination: PMS by Estetica


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