23 May 2022

Instafamous styling? EIMI celebrates originality as Wella’s new styling brand!

No matter where you live or what you do, individuality is the first word when it comes to styling. No longer are we tied to certain hair lengths, textures or colors because self-expression is the ultimate anti-trend whether you are a naturalist, or even a radical fashionista that pushes the boundaries.

The NEW EIMI styling brand by Wella Professionals speaks the global language of individuality. EIMI is inspired by the Ancient Greek phrase “EGO EIMI,” means ‘I am’ and speaks to confident and expressive individuals who want to stand out. The multi-faceted, multi-performance nature of the new EIMI styling range is designed to work together for endless styling opportunities, helping you to develop and express whatever hairstyle you envision.

The collection is easy to navigate and can be customized for specific hair needs so you can express your individual sense of style, not only through hair color and cut from your stylist, but also when styling at home. The complete portfolio, headlined by four hero products, includes 31 styling essentials uniquely organized in five benefit pillars –volume, smooth, texture, shine and hairspray– all of which are designed to enhance your finished look.

Dry Me: Create head-turning volume and manageable matte texture for any individual style. Absorb oil and refresh the hair with Dry Me’s outstanding tapioca starch formula.

Root Shoot: You’re only ever one shot away from high precision root lift with this always-on-target mousse.

Perfect Me: Shout out for smoothness and natural style: This delicate Hair BB lotion designed with skin care benefits adds shine, repairs, moisturizes, tames fly-always and protects from the heat.

Sugar Lift: Get a grip on volume: This rich flexible spray infused with sugar provides lift, shine and touchable grippy texture.

Grip Cream: Create and manipulate distinctive styles with definition, on long or short hair, with this soft texture cream. Formulated with Brazilian carnauba wax for strong yet flexible support.

No longer constricted by trends, individuals are turning to their hairdressers to help them develop and express their personalities with cuts, colors and styles that are unique to them. The products are designed to allow the consumer to play with and express their style. In turn hairdressers can educate clients on how adaptable their cut can be.

Today, we are all self-branders, curating and editing our profiles on and offline. Thanks to technology, the globe has gotten smaller. The diverse cultures, styles, ages and genders inspire and influence us all, and to further celebrate and illustrate this world of individuality, the EIMI team lead by Global Creative Director of Styling Eugene Souleiman partnered with three of the world’s top instagrammers to search out the A-Z of Hairstyles: a comprehensive but fun round up of some of the styles currently seen out on the streets. Each letter is represented by a real street style they “found”.

Making up the instagrammers team was:

● Caroline Receveur @carolinereceveurlucas
● Yvan Rodic @facehunter
● Natalie Suarez @natalieoffduty

Souleiman worked backstage at the catwalk shows creating some of the most individual and inspirational looks of the season, while the instagrammers camped out in the streets of the fashion capitals of New York, Milan and Paris.

This unique and innovative way of showcasing hair styling reflects the increasing growth of the individual client as trend innovator and fashion influencer. It puts the power of realizing the looks back into the stylist’s hands. For the hairdresser, working with the individual to discover and express his or her true hair “letter” is all part of having the breadth of skill to ultimately help clients explore different looks.

#SpeakEIMI – click here for more information!


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