27 May 2022

Should I Hire an Outside Marketing Company to take care of my Social Media?

If you are looking to hire a company to just push out information to clients on sales/promotions on social media, then an external marketing company may work; however, if you are not engaging your followers, you will not succeed and grow, long term, on social media.

To be successful, it needs to be someone within your business, who is a part of your salon’s culture and lives by your salon’s value system putting your clients needs first. If it’s not you as the salon or spa owner, find someone in your salon to be the face of your salon’s social media sites. You as an owner need to be a part of the process, be aware of what the plan is, monitor the posts and the results, but you don’t necessarily need to be the driver.

It is always advantageous if that person is someone with invested interest in the outcome, perhaps a shareholder, salon manager, or an informal leader. Caution: Don’t always look to the youngest stylist who loves social media on a personal level as they may not yet be entrenched into your salon’s culture and values. Your team meetings should allow a portion devoted to social media ideas, you want the entire team to feel a part of the process and a team full of ideas trumps one person trying to come up with ideas any day!

Remember, anyone can learn the skill of using the social media outlets, but you need the right person who is eager to drive it!

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