30 January 2023

Live from Goldwell’s Global Zoom: Head to Head with Trevor Attenborough

Trevor Attenborough, General Manager, Kao Salon Division North America, just sat down with Estetica USA to share his excitement about the beauty event of the season: Goldwell Global Zoom Challenge 2015!

The mega competition is taking place this weekend at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas – watch the LIVE STREAMING here!

Why it is so important to have Global Zoom in North America this year?
Global Zoom is the ultimate venue for networking and for forging connections with fellow owners and stylists, and I think we need that more than ever right now. With the event happening in Las Vegas, we’ve got more than 1,000 Canadian and American salon professionals coming, and I’m really looking forward to connecting on a personal level.”

What does having an event like Global Zoom mean to the changes that are taking place in the professional beauty business?
“In addition to the artistry showcased at Global Zoom, this year there’s a strong current of business-related inspiration and education. Jeff South, for example, is going to talk about the power of the upgrade as a tool for profitability – something we’ve really focused on this year as a company. I think in today’s professional environment, salons need business inspiration as well as creative inspiration.”

What are some of the unique opportunities for salons that are lucky enough to attend Global Zoom this year?
“Well, of course they get to witness a one-of-a kind competition – the only one where finalists are selected based on a live competition. This isn’t about retouching, it’s about real-world, real-time hair styling. There is nothing like the tension of seeing the competition happen there on the stage and anticipating who the winner will be, not to mention getting that first look at the next collection on the main stage.”

What do you consider the highlights in this year’s Goldwell Global Zoom this year?
“I have to say I’m really excited about our North American finalists! We have an incredibly strong field represented by Samantha Conley, Corinne Brown and Harley Lobasso for the U.S., and Marlo Moore, Francisca Cavallare and Claude Comeau representing Canada. I can’t wait to see how the crowd reacts to these amazing artists.”

Who are you most excited about seeing in the conference this year?
“I love being able to host our international colleagues and am so proud to have Global Zoom back in North America. I want to show them a great time at the Cosmopolitan.”

What is it about this unique beauty competition that makes it so attractive and lures such a large crowd?
“The Color Zoom competition at Global Zoom is like no other professional event on the planet. I think it appeals to professionals for a couple of reasons. First, each year’s collection –like Traditional Rebels this year– is developed by previous year’s winners, not someone in an office somewhere. Second, witnessing the unveiling of the next year’s trend is such a rush – it makes you want to get right back behind the chair and start creating.”

How is the company seizing the opportunity to make a splash in North America?
This will be a great opportunity to get the entire North American community together and networking. We’re hosting welcome party for the North American salons, for example. And we’ve got some of our great U.S. team members here to present, including Simon Miller, Sonna Brado and Lori Panarello from the KMS Style Council. Derrick Zeno, our 2013 Gold Partner winner who hails from the U.S., will also be here as a judge.”

How does the presence of international professionals affect how you organize the event?
“This is the first time all of our Global Zoom attendees will be at one hotel – all our North American salon partners and international partners will be together at the Cosmopolitan. That really underscores that this is not a single-market event – it’s for everyone. No creative barriers, no geographic barriers.”

How is education important to the brand’s development?
“Education is what keeps us all moving forward. It’s how we help our salon owners and stylists to stay inspired, stay fresh and keep their careers and businesses growing and thriving. Education is also a huge part of Global Zoom – with diverse opportunities for skills development and business building. Being a true professional is a journey – not a destination.”

Which are some of the exciting news for KAO North America coming up in the next months?
“As always, we have a number of innovative initiatives that we’ll preview at Global Zoom, but I would get in big trouble if I gave them away ahead of time. But believe me, they’re worth the wait.”


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