26 March 2023

Steal the Hollywood Look! Emma Roberts’ Emmy Waves by Nikki Lee for UNITE

The Emmys is a time to celebrate many things, including incredible actors, beautiful dresses, but most importantly, flawless hair. Nikki Lee of Nine Zero One salon for UNITE Hair, had the job of styling Hollywood legacy Emma Robberts. According to Lee, the team “did a modern take on an Old Hollywood Sultry Star.” Get the look with Nikki!


1. I started with prepping her hair with UNITE 7Seconds Leave In Detangler then sprayed UNITE Boosta Spray at the root to mid shaft for volume.

2. I used UNITE Blow and Set Lotion for her ends blowing her out with 2″ round brush adding a nice bounce to her hair.

3. After I blew her out, I set her hair by spraying UNITE 7Seconds Glossing Dry Thermal Shine to protect her hair from the heat of the 1 and 1/2″ curling iron I used.

4. I took about 2″ sections all around her head wrapping the hair downward and pinned them with a duck bill clip to hold into place.

5. Once completing the set I did a light mist of UNITE MaxControl Spray.

6. I let the hair cool for about 15 minutes. I then took all pins out and began brushing all her curls out with a boar bristle brush. This is a key element to creating that old Hollywood wave.

7. After I brushed and created the shape I was happy with I locked it in to place with UNITE Session Max Hairspray.

Photos: Getty Images


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