30 May 2023

Collection Two by hybrideducation

Collection Two delves deep into color showcasing approaches that draw influence from Dazzle Camouflage, a type of camouflage that incorporates complex patterns of geometric shapes and bold, contrasting colors.

The haircutting techniques also embody the Dazzle theory by continuing to exude the precision that defines the hybrideducation.co style, but in a usable manner that easily translates to every day work.

The Color Approaches
Incorporating a palette of nautical inspired hues –seafoam, battleship grey, aqua– Collection Two uses block-based patterns of intense, bright tones with an emphasis on contrasting bases.

The Haircut Approaches
Collection Two plays on interrupting sectioning patterns of techniques such as zigzag geometry, concave layering and diagonal graduation with the goal of obscuring the curvature of the head, paying oblique homage to the Dazzle concept.

It’s really important to the hybrideducation.co team that we offer consistently updated and carefully curated content for our members,” said Don Haidl, hybrideducation.co co-founder & lead creative. “Ongoing education is paramount to being successful in this industry, but we recognize that it’s difficult to set aside time to frequently travel for courses. hybrideducation.co fills that need by regularly producing easily accessed, cost-effective content – benefiting both the salon owners looking to grow their in-salon training programs and the individual stylist yearning to grow their skill sets.”

  • Credits
    Hair: hybrideducation.co team (Don Haidl | Clancey Gurn-Callaway)
    Photo: Nandi Haidl
    Makeup: Joel Sebastian

For more information, please visit hybrideducation.co



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