23 May 2024

Spanish Passion! Paul Mitchell’s 2015 Global Gathering in Madrid

Madrid just hosted the first Paul Mitchell Global Gathering in Europe, attracting more than one thousand hairdressers from 26 countries.

Riding the wave of success of The Gathering, which for the past ten years in Las Vegas has been the greatest annual Paul Mitchell event, this year the brand decided to bring the show to Europe. An absolutely original format that offers hairdressers two days of look & learn sessions and workshops. Non-stop training in classrooms covering four topics: Color, Cut, Styling & Men (Mitch).

When introducing the event in Madrid, John Paul DeJoria, CEO and Chairman, said: “Europe is very important for our company. And wanted to celebrate our first 35 years of business with you, here in Madrid.” DeJoria recalled the Paul Mitchell mission: always stand by hairdressers. “I have the majority” –he explained– “but I put all my stake in a trust that guarantees the no one in my family can run the business outside of the professional beauty sector in the future. A guarantee for the next 349 years! A unique commitment in our industry, because it means that the company will be dedicated to hairdressers even for generations to come.” And in Madrid, among others, hairstylists Robert Cromeans, Stephanie Kocielski, Takashi, and Vice President of Marketing & Sales Jason Yates were on stage. Angus Mitchell, who has recently become a father, presented his greetings via a video message.

Madrid also hosted the European launch of the latest Paul Mitchell innovation: MarulaOil, to be distributed in European countries beginning in the first months of 2016. The origins of these new products was the discovery of a forest of Marula trees in Zimbabwe. To extract the oil contained in this new line –pressing of the stone found in the fruit–, Paul Mitchell has already employed about 7 thousand people on site. This is a luxury line that moisturizes, softens, and nourishes, with anti-oxidant properties that help damaged hair, benefits from the nutrients and minerals used for thousands of years in Africa.

Color XG could not have been missing from the stage line-up or in the training classrooms of this Madrid event. The enthralling Color Show, which proposed trendy colors always in tandem with designer cuts and within a choreography of enormous impact. All this while, in the classrooms of the Hotel Auditorium, there were many training courses being held. Look & Learn and Hands-In courses in four shifts. Hundreds of hairdressers –divided into groups of 8, all of which were followed by a Paul Mitchell Educator– practiced on head blocks with updating courses for cutting, styling, color, and men’s trends. An intensive program that makes the real different in events and in the objectives of Paul Mitchell’s The Gathering.

A Grand finale of stunning impact closed the two days in Madrid (watch the video below!) concluding with a standing ovation for John Paul DeJoria and three segments during which Cromeans, Takashi, Kocielski, Yates, and Mary Cuomo took to the stage, among others. A riot of colour, short cuts and long hair gathered up in waves, frisée, and soft movements. Brilliant choreography and plenty of energy and empathy between performers and their audience. With Robert Cromeans’s infectious and unlimited charisma… as always!



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