28 June 2022

America’s Prime Salons: Boston’s Maxime Salon

For those who don’t already know, Boston has a gem of a salon for Joico-lovers unlike any other in the community.  Maxime Salon is unique because of its founder, Ronit Enos, who sets the bar for the salon’s success!

Known as a master cutter, Enos served two years in the Israeli Army as a Special Forces instructor and has molded the foundation of the salon through unique leadership and team building skills that would set the stage for a successful career and an even more successful salon.

Ronit offers expertise in systems development, digital marketing strategies, leadership training, team building and staff development, specializing in finding strengths and cultivating skill sets. She gives us now some tips that will sharpen your salon strategies and give some insight into the realities of working with acclaimed brand Joico and being an eco-friendly salon.

How is it partnering with a company like Joico?
Any lines we add need to fit our culture and our values. It needs to be a 100% fit and a win-win relationship. We work with product companies like Joico that understand that salon owners need help in education, retail and merchandising, and beauty inspiration, because it is vital to continue our hairdressers’ drive and passion for hair. In return, we help manufacturers spread their brand and help them grow… win-win. We feel very strongly about our education programs and continued growth. We also look to develop relationships in the industry with peers and salon owners that share the same values. By doing so, we create a strong and healthy culture among us. Partnering with Joico has allowed us to grow and develop to better business and the support we get from the Joico Zotos brand is priceless – one of my biggest suggestion to any of my salons colleagues is to partner with a company that shared the values you care for and lead. Joico leading team is a great fit for us, I believe in relationships.

What makes the Joico brand so unique?
No partner salon is too big or too small, it is a family environment, high integrity – they do what they say they will do. Innovative. Accommodating. One of the very unique observation is their consistency in developing their relationship between their own employees and their costumers, the salons. I would be proud to work for Joico. Their continuity in growing better products in competitive markets is as unique as their quality products – they are anti-aging and ever lasting. My staff loves working with Joico color.”

What are some Joico products you absolutely cannot live without?
“Can’t leave without B7, G8, A9 Vero Lite Cream, K-PAK. Can I give more than one?!?”

Your salon and spa has won Best of Boston for many years in a row in “Boston Magazine,” what is some advice that you can provide to salons that are trying to stand out in their community?
“You must find a way to separate yourself than others, create shared value… what you can offer that nobody else offer, find it, market it, and be consistent about it. Remember the industry is changing so quickly you will have to find the uniqueness again and change it, flip it and market it; don’t get comfortable.”

How important is education nowadays for a salon? What education sources are you and your team taking advantage of?
“Education is everything that is our biggest value – you can’t learn enough business, costumer service, teamwork, collaborating, and creative is the source of inspiration. Partnering with Joico who share the same believe is a win-win.”

How important is the team to Maxime? What does the salon do to encourage a team mentality?
There is no ‘I’ in ‘We’. Team is essential to growth. Like any sport teams people will come and go. Culture will shift at times – always stick to your values that is your foundation to build team one by one. Sometime you will need to build a new team – that’s OK, every sport team does it.”

What is it about the hair consultation at Maxime that makes it so comprehensive?
“Our consultation is our shared value. We dig deeply into our client profile, we learn from them what so special about them, what is their life style, what are their dreams – who they feel like at this moment, do they need to look powerful, or sexy, intelligent, sophisticate, chick or boho. We connect on deep level and then we create, we are brutally honest in our approach, and our retention reflects on it… 89%!

I understand your salon offers the service to travel for weddings, how successful has this venture been for the salon?
“Traveling for wedding has being a test ground for us this past year we are still evolving… What we have learned is that you have to charge a fee the same that the salon makes in an hour revenue in the salon. What does the salon need to make an hour what will it be losing if 2 or 3 employees have to go on site, then add on travel fee and away fee. Charge for your time. We also learned that the competition is thick with freelancing – find out what a wedding party will need the most and be happy to give it. Remember what Steve Jobs did: he found out what consumer needs are and gave it all in an iPhone!

We noticed you use a hairstyle quiz when clients log into the website. Are there any other innovative ways the salon or your stylists use social media or technology to promote?
“We were able to bridge our unique approach and different approach to hair color design and style by automated our brand and specialty on a quiz on line. We use it all the time in our salon at our consultation and is a great digital tool to attract new clients. We love using social media! However today social media is not enough – it’s the new normal: find out what’s new and go with it. Try Periscope… and little secret: Twitter is growing faster and better for us. Also it is very important to be careful of what you put out there: make sure that the message is consistent and represent your values, and your brand.”

Finish this sentence! This salon cannot survive without______.  Why?
Partnerships! Why? Because it takes more than one to tango!”

How important are the charitable organizations to Maxime Salon?
Maxime Salon is passionate about giving back to the community. We are involved in both local and global charities. One of our core values at the salon is community involvement, and we consider ourselves true and devoted philanthropists. The following is a list of charities and organizations we work with year-round: Friendship Home, Medicines for Humanity –we donate a dollar from each ticket to the children–, MS Society, local charities and schools, local businesses through partnership promotions and collaboration events, teach classes at a local Toni&Guy Academy, Boston Children’s Hospital, support group for clients undergoing cancer treatments through our website, PMC Ride for Kids, environmentally correct by joining Circle Green in September 2015…”

Below are the details of some of the charities that have been close to Maxime Salon heart:

The Friendship Home
“The Mission of the Friendship Home is “to enrich the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families by providing quality respite care and support services in a safe and caring environmentt.” The programs build self-esteem and community involvement for the participants, while providing support for their families who may become overwhelmed and isolated by the daily demands of caring for their family members. While the programs directly address the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, they are proud of the efforts to serve the entire community by raising up the people that we serve as vital contributors to the communities.
Maxime Salon currently employs a member of the Friendship Home through the Bridges to Work program. Briana, a 23-year-old woman with Down syndrome, loves fashion and children. Her ideal job would be to work in a daycare. Briana has touched the lives of our entire staff and client base with her love of her job. She is employed by Maxime Salon two days a week, at two hours apiece. She helps with assistant tasks around the salon, such as offering clients water, folding towels, separating foils, and sweeping, just to name a few. If you were to ask Briana what her favorite task was, she would answer “towels and tin foils”. Briana loves that she is able to earn a paycheck in order to purchase her favorite things, such as “Pretty Little Liars DVDs.” Having Briana work in the salon has taught our staff to not take things for granted, and has taught all of our clients how much Maxime Salon truly cares about the community.
Last year, Maxime Salon was a host for The Friendship Home’s Girls Night Out. We opened our space and our staff donated their time to spend a few hours with 16 women of The Friendship Home. This wasn’t just any Girl’s Night Out, our staff offered hairstyles, makeup, and nail painting to all the women who attended. We had a photo booth for everyone to take pictures with their new look, and of course fun props. There was food and soda offered, and a full night of dancing to the latest music. Because this event was such a great hit, we are in the process of planning our next one!”

MS Society
Multiple Sclerosis is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. Maxime Salon has worked hard at creating the awareness of this disease and raising money for the cause. Ronit Enos, owner of Maxime Salon, was able to be a part of the MS Ride in June 2014. A grueling 150-mile bike ride was not going to stop Ronit and Team Strategies. Riding for the cure was not even all of it; Ronit and her team were able to raise over $15,000 for MS! Ronit is a passionate woman, and biking for MS has been her passion for the last two years. Ronit has recruited several people to join her team of riding for the cure and has raised over $20,000.
In November 2014, Maxime Salon was given the opportunity to be a part of the Fashion Plates Luncheon and Fashion Show. Fashion Plates is a yearly event to show real women with MS and tell their real stories. It is organized by the Fashion Plates Committee to benefit MS education, support, advocacy, and research programs of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Greater New England Chapter. The 2014 event was the largest Fashion Plates to date with over 600 participants and raised well over $110,000 for the cause. Maxime Salon closed down the shop for the day and the staff was given the opportunity to do hair and makeup for 20 women with MS. With this being such an amazing event, Maxime Salon was given the opportunity to raise awareness among the community and give back.”

Green Circle Salons
This year we became a 100% eco-friendly environment by signing up with the Green Circle Salons. After years of separating our own recycling and delivering it to the town recycle center, we teamed up with this amazing movement that helps the world become a cleaner, healthier place and preserve it.
Keeping active with these philanthropic endeavors builds trust, consistency, support, team bonding, and even helps to bring in new clients and retain our base clients. And of course, you sleep well at night knowing you give back.”


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