9 December 2021

Rocky Vitelli to celebrate at Farouk Cancun 2015!

With more than 25 years of experience, Toronto-based Rocky Vitelli serves as a trailblazer for innovation in the professional beauty industry and will be a celebrity educator in Farouk’s Cancun 2015 beauty conference.

With this talent present in Cancun, how can stylists not take advantage of a course from someone who has become famous through his skill?

A stylist can gain great inspiration from our classes and shows enough to bring back ideas into the salon and create a higher income for themselves,” advises Vitelli.

As a Farouk Systems’ international educator and platform artist, Vitelli produces progressive haircuts that are often used for trend collections and in editorial pieces. This has become his stamp of recognition throughout the industry and the reason Vitelli can be found styling at New York and Toronto Fashion Week as well as the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants.

The art of hairdressing goes like this. In order to be great and successful you will continue learning in fact,” says Vitelli. “You never stop learning and always find ways to stay inspired in the craft by going to shows taking classes and learning something from your peers. If you follow this you will reach greatness and be a successful hairstylist.”

Inspired by fashion, he believes that hair has a direct influence on the success of an overall look. Vitelli is known for creating haute couture hair on-stage that can be easily translated into edgy, off the runway looks. He has been awarded 3 times as Canadian Hairstylist of the Year, recently awarded 2014 Canadian Editorial Hairstylist of the Year and styling for numerous high-profile events.

I’m excited to see all my peers at conference this year,” says Vitelli. “It’s a moment we take to be together, share and have a good time.”

Can’t make it to Farouk Cancun 2015, check this out!


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