25 April 2024

Get the Look: NYFW Isa Arfen Birdlike Looks by Claudio Lazo for Wella Professionals

The look at Isa Arfen SS’16 combined bold color with tropical prints and textures to create a style that celebrates the individual.

Wella Professionals Top Artist Claudio Lazo described the inspiration for his collaboration with the designer as, “organically tropical, and almost birdlike… the hair has a leafy texture that is almost like a Mohawk and is slightly different for each model, complementing their unique style.”

Get the Look:
1. Prep the hair by applying Wella Professionals EIMI Dry Me to the top of the head and using a fine tooth comb, brush through the lengths of the hair to create a smooth texture.
2. Divide the hair into two sections and apply Wella Professionals EIMI Extra Volume Mousse to the bottom half of the hair only.
3. Apply a small amount of Wella Professionals EIMI Root Shoot on the base of the hair and work through the lengths, blow drying from root to tip until the hair is about eighty-percent dry.
4. Next, apply Wella Professionals EIMI Extra Volume Mousse to the front section of the hair, working through with a fine tooth comb and blow dry.
5. Using an elastic, pull the hair tightly back into a ponytail. Using the back of the comb, gently lift pieces in the front section to make the ponytail appear more organic.
6. Twist a portion of the ponytail in either direction and using a fabric elastic spool, secure the ponytail by threading the elastic under the ponytail and tying in front. If needed, further secure the look with bobby pins on either side.
7. Using a flat iron, straighten the remaining lengths of the hair, applying Wella Professionals EIMI Stay Firm and brush through the length of the pony to hold the hair in place.
8. Bring the remaining pieces of the hair to the top of the head, allowing some pieces to fall naturally in different directions.
9. Weave the fabric thread through the top of the knot and secure with bobby pins at the top of the head, applying Wella Professionals EIMI Stay Firm to each piece for hold while weaving pieces over one another.
10. Finish by spraying a small amount of Wella Professionals EIMI Extra Volume Mousse into the palm of the hand and mix with a small amount of water before applying it to the sides of the head to add sleek shine and texture.

Photos: Getty Images



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