8 December 2022

Parlux in the USA: A Success 30 Years Long

All ambitious companies aim to expand their business, not only in their own country, but also abroad. Parlux is an Italian brand born in the 70’s, and it has fully achieved this goal.

Since the start, their professional hairdryers and other hairstyling products have been distributed to many countries in globally where they have become a sought after working hair-tool in the professional hairstyling industry.

Parlux came to America because of the Petruccelli family, owners of the well-known company ‘Turbo Power’ which began importing Parlux products, especially hairdryers, in the 80’s to the U.S. Today, it is a household name in the professional hairdressing field in America. The quality, design and technical features of Parlux products, dedicated to the professional hairdressing industry, have conquered the hearts of many hairdressers who can’t work without them. They can always depend on these light-weight, long-lasting, powerful dryers whether for everyday use, attending live hairdressing shows or international hairdressing competitions.

The most recent model, the Parlux 385 PowerLight®, with its modern technological features –new K Lamination motor, Ceramic and Ionic system, incorporated Silencer and its Eco-Friendly philosophy policy–, is available in many colourful versions and has become a hairdryer that professionals in America must have and own.

The tool can be seen at many international shows throughout North America where experts go to seek new models crafted by this well-known ‘Made in Italy’ company Parlux. Mr. Damiano Petruccelli of Turbo Power, explains that the incredible and long-lasting success of Parlux in the U.S.A. is owed to the, “special technology expertise, modern and exclusive Italian design, extreme efficiency, high quality materials and great reliability.”


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