15 June 2024

Countdown to Farouk Cancun 2015 – Can’t make it? Check this out!

If you are unaware of the magnanimously magnificent spectacle that will take place in Cancun to celebrate the indisputably successful brand Farouk Systems, then you need to get with the program… LIVE!

Basim Shami, CEO of Farouk Systems, proudly announced a sold out International Conference scheduled for September 18-22, 2015 at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico.

Farouk Systems surpassed its goal of attracting 5,000 attendees from around the world, and as of this moment, it is the largest conference in the company’s history. Shami says, “We are looking forward to being a host to our fellow hairdressers from around the world and celebrating my father’s 50 years in the beauty industry. Over 5,000 attendees will witness first hand some of the finest education, and fashion shows, along with entertainment by top stars including rapper Flo Rida and recording artist Natalie La Rose; all while having fun on the beaches of Cancun and sharing their own experiences with each other.”

If you did not, or can not, get a chance to escape to the hot spicy lands of Cancun, then you MUST follow our exclusive, real-time, behind-the-curtain coverage on all our social media and for an even better glimpse check out live streaming which will be available on our website!

Shami told us that he has a show planned unlike any other. Included is a presentation that will showcase the history of Farouk Systems as a celebration of his fathers arrival to the country as well as the latest product launches, which will all be done through 3D Screens and holograms.

Andre Chiavelli, Executive Vice President of Global Sales executed a strong sales and marketing plan that was an instrumental part of his sales team’s way to spread the word and secure these record attendance numbers. “Our world-class education spear-headed by Lisa Marie Garcia, Vice President of Shows and Education, our Global Artistic Board Members and our incredible team helped to make this goal possible. It demonstrates their pride and devotion to the company,” says Chiavelli.

The latest line-up now includes:

Farouk Systems Inc. Trend Collection 2015 with Creative Director, Patrick Kalle and Global Board Artist, Rocky Vitelli
Class Description: Farouk Systems creative and artistic directors unveil their latest trend collection for the first time! Bringing the top industry trends in cut and color from Europe, this presentation will introduce you to the next must have looks and cutting-edge techniques.

The Art of Color with Farouk Systems International Color Artist Richard Jordan
Class Description: Unleash your color imagination with Farouk Systems innovative color lines. Experience how to create trendy looks in a single step process utilizing high-fashion color formulas. Learn how the diversity of the Farouk Systems color line allows for artistic freedom and dynamic color results. Tap into your vision and learn how to paint your world with the Art of Color!

Men’s Grooming with Barber Extraordinaire Joost Mulleman & Farouk Systems Artistic Director, Maurice Den Exter and Global Board Artist, Joe Anthony Pena
Class Description: Leave a lasting impression on your male clientele!  Join us for a session on creating your signature brand as a men’s grooming innovator. Men’s Grooming will reveal celebrity artist tips, trends, and techniques for creating coveted looks. 

Salon Business Motivation Seminar with Financial Advisor, John Harms and Trade Editor, Lauren Salapatek
Class Description: Unlock the hidden potential that your business has to offer. Gain insight on how to become a distinguished business owner and learn methods for empowering yourself and your team. This seminar will motivate you and underline every aspect of growth opportunities available in your salon.

Social Media Success Seminar with Salon Owner and QVC Host, Bradley Tuggle
Class Description: Overcome your Social Media fears! In this Seminar, you will be equipped with the knowledge of how to set up and effectively manage your social media accounts to maximize your potential revenue and minimize your time investment. Learn tips and tricks you can use on the top social networks to expand and market yourself and your business to a local audience in a global environment. This Seminar will help you make the most of your creative skills with Social Media at your fingertips.

The Art of Hairdressing with Farouk Systems Global Board Artists Anna Cantu & Leonel Rodriquez
Class Description: Get a glimpse behind the curtain into the world of high-profile hair. Learn styles that are seen on the runways and red carpets.  From building the foundation of the perfect up-style to using proper products and tools these techniques will allow you to create elegant up-dos, avant-garde masterpieces and high fashion statements.

Attendees will also be able to register for: 50 Years of Hairdressing Runway Show, Farouk Systems International Trend Collection Show 2015, Global Runway Show, Student Hair Show, Color Show: The Art of Color, Picture Perfect: A live Photoshoot with Fadil Berisha and a Special Q&A with Celebrity Stylists.

For more information, please visit www.farouk.com


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