1 December 2021

Mortale Est, an intriguing collection by Nadia Semanic

This artistic collection explores the concept of mortality, a topic that deliberately induces intrigue and ambiguity both to the passive observer and the critique that seeks a deeper level of meaning from decoding the art form.

The collection thread stems from the artists pre-occupation with the Renaissance Period, a cultural movement that included the creation of religious paintings saturated with symbolism and often displaying beauty, harmony and serenity in the same frame as death. As such, the shoot is designed to draw the viewer into a somewhat distorted world showing the fragility and vulnerability of life…

  • Credits
    Hair & Styling: Nadia Semanic, Toni&Guy Georges, Melbourne (Australia)
    Photo: Andrew O’Toole
    Styling: Emma Cotterill
    Makeup: Siobhan Kelly



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