18 May 2024

10-min Game Changer! Discovering Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA Color10

Schwarzkopf Professional Artist Team Member Jorge Buccio sits with Estetica USA to talk about the new game changing color from Schwarzkopf Professional, IGORA COLOR10; the first professional permanent color in just 10 minutes.

This has a whole new horizon of possibilities for the business of salons and the new range of services this product can offer. Buccio tells us about his experience with the product, tips, and the possibilities of processing permanent color in the same time it takes you to make a cup of coffee.
What makes IGORA COLOR10 so revolutionary is the breakthrough Amino Acid Carrier Technology that allows color pigments to penetrate faster. The Amino Acids included in IGORA COLOR10 are well known for their stabilizing and fortifying effect on the protein structure of the hair, making it shiny and manageable.

More importantly, IGORA COLOR10 is perfect for every salon because it is the ideal solution for those clients who are suddenly in a hurry and can’t stay for a full 30 to 45 minute color development. It is a new way to get the guy that just can’t see himself spending over an hour in the salon for a cut and color.

IGORA COLOR10 gives stylists back their valuable time delivering Professional Salon Color in only 10 minutes, which ultimately means more guests in the chair, and the ability to up charge for this express color service. “IGORA COLOR10 has increased my profit in the salon,” says Buccio. “Just like express delivery or express dry cleaning I charge more for an IGORA COLOR10 service, making the best use of my valuable time.”

According to Buccio, some of the benefits of IGORA COLOR10 are:

  1. ● More clients each day, which translates into more profits.
    ● More time for ourselves.
    ● We can attract guests that never wanted color services because of time constraints like lunchtime guests.
    ● More male guests for color services.

Client consultation is key when deciding if IGORA COLOR10 can be used on a guest,” says Buccio. “If I’m doing a regrowth application or shorter lengths then IGORA COLOR10 is the perfect choice, the Amino Acid Carrier technology requires a faster color application, which makes some color services less ideal unless they can be applied within 10 minutes.”

Trends are critical to the development of new products at Schwarzkopf Professional. It is a company that continuously strives to keep up with the trends and attempts to reinvent itself to stay current with THE STYLIST and its clients. “As a STYLIST I love that Schwarzkopf Professional stays fresh and helps me to create looks that are relevant NOW,” says Buccio. “I love doing a speed balayage + IGORA COLOR10, that has become very popular at my salon. I also like doing fast color blocking using different shades to create depth and movement. I love every shade, but I can’t live without: 5-0, 7-0, 7-12, 8-4, 6-4 and some of the new shades like 9-12 and 9-00.”

Schwarzkopf Professional offers a variety of learning tools and material to keep stylists well informed, aware, and inspired because when stylists are empowered, they can use the products with confidence and freedom. They offer a quick starting guide that covers all benefits, and instructions on how to use IGORA COLOR10 correctly.

We have some of the greatest educators and industry leaders within Schwarzkopf Professional,” says Buccio. “It’s such an honor to work with them. Schwarzkopf Professional sees education as the most important tool for growth and success.” And of course there are also digital options like the House of Color app, which is another way to keep informed about IGORA COLOR10 and other Schwarzkopf Professional Brands or by simply visiting schwarzkopf-professionalUSA.com and social media, which are extremely important for brand development. “It is a blueprint of what’s happening in the world we live in,” says Buccio. “It allows you to understand people, their wants and needs, and it helps you to stay on top of beauty and fashion trends.”

The future of Schwarzkopf Professional is so exciting!!!” says Buccio. Many new developments and innovative products are coming out soon, which is a great example of how Schwarzkopf Professional is devoted to the hairdresser.



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