19 August 2022

Spoil Him! 18.21 Man Made makes the Rugged Look Good

Inspired by the blazing era of prohibition in America, the new professional line for men 18.21 Man Made has dedicated its brand to figure out why men like what they want so much.

In their products, you will find the sweet aroma of tobacco and vases so vintage that men will be unable to walk by without a double take. More importantly, the brand is designed to “spoil your man” and even steal a little for yourself.

We looked at the needs and perspectives of Male & Female consumers, Salon Owners, Hair Designers, Barbers and Pro Beauty Distributors to determine the core competencies,” says Angel del Solar, Managing Director & Co-Founder at 18.21 Man Made. “We realized that the key elements were presentation, aroma, performance and value. The packaging is what generates the interest and creates pride of ownership, the aroma inspires an emotional bond, the products must have high performance to create the repeat business and the cost must be right to create a true sense of value.”

Their powdery musk, spicy saffron, and creamy tonka elevate the products reminiscent of a craft trade. They also come in a hand made wooden box, with hand written typography and a clandestine air to the glassy apothecary-like vases that were used to disguise alcohol during the times of the prohibition. Their hero product, Man Made Wash is featured in an actual whiskey flask which, is very different from traditional cosmetics packaging and it looks out of place in a salon environment which, creates interest. “We love hearing salon guests ask the salon team ‘you selling whiskey now?’ because, it gives them a more genuine opportunity to explain the benefits,” said Del Solar.

With such a stimulating idea, not only in terms of marketing but the aroma and overall representation of the brand, they have gathered a bit more attention than they had expected. Not only does the company have to make an effort to keep the brand united and small, but also professionals within the professional beauty industry are taking note of their aesthetic innovation.

18.21 Man Made was honored to participate recently in PBA’s Beauty Pitch featuring Mark Cuban and John Paul DeJoria and we were able to win the Audience Choice Award and that meant everything to us,” said Aston LaFon, Director Sales & Marketing and Co-Founder at 18.21 Man Made. “We further extend our gratitude to everyone that voted for us and the opportunities and relationships that came from that are huge.”

18.21 Man Made has been operating ‘speakeasy style’ and is growing by referrals with salons, distributors and consumers. They want to stay very engaged with their customers and can always win the crowd.

Get more information here… 1821manmade.com


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