9 December 2021

Keratin Shock! Truss Cosmetics launches the amazing K Recovery 3D Shine

Truss Cosmetics, a leading full-service professional products company from Brazil, has recently launched one of the brand’s most sought after products, K Recovery 3D Shine –a revolutionary professional conditioning recovery treatment with multiple options for use– to the US market.

The K Recovery 3D Shine salon treatment is formulated with Collagen, Polosil, Sericine, Nano Repair and Keratin. While some competitors only protect hair damage from harsh chemicals such as bleach, Truss K Recovery 3D Shine uses Nano Technology to go further by not only protecting the hair but also treating it. This treatment repairs the interior cortex of the hair, while also restoring the exterior of the hair fiber. Packed with amino acids, the treatment protects hair from damage caused by bleach and other harsh chemicals while rejuvenating and revitalizing strands.

K Recovery 3D Shine can be used in conjunction with other Truss Cosmetics products to address each client’s specific needs and create a customized, full service in-salon experience.

Four ways that Truss K Recovery 3D Shine can be recommended for optimal results are:

Method 1 – “Keratin Shock”. This treatment restores up to 80% of damaged hair and infuses hair with added keratin proteins.
Step 1: After washing the hair with Truss Shampoo, remove excess water from hair.
Step 2: Apply Truss K Recovery 3D Shine, using your fingers tips, to each strand.
Step 3: Massage gently from tips to roots. Do not rinse.
Step 4: Dry hair thoroughly.
Step 5: Rinse hair
Step 6: For optimal results apply Truss Intensive Nutrition Miracle, massage for 5 minutes and then rinse again and dry/style

Method 2 – “Restore”. Quick, in-salon add-on service that can be added to blow out. Helps repair damage.
Step 1: Wash hair with Truss Shampoo and Conditioner
Step 2: Dry hair 80%
Step 3: Apply 1 ounce of Truss K Recovery 3D Shine throughout the hair
Step 4: Blow dry hair straight
Step 5: Use flat iron if desired

Method 3 – “Keratin Restore”. Restores and replenishes hair. This treatment is done with the Truss Exclusive Vapor Flat Iron.
Step 1: Wash hair with Truss Shampoo and Conditioner
Step 2: Remove excess water
Step 3: Apply Truss K Recovery 3D Shine, piece by piece throughout hair
Step 4: Massage gently from ends to roots. Do not rinse
Step 5: Flat-iron hair with the exclusive Truss Flat Iron
Step 6: Apply Truss Intensive Nutrition Miracle by massaging for 5 minutes.
Step 7: Rinse

Method 4: Bleaching with Truss K Recovery 3D Shine. Amazing bond builder that protects and treats hair while protecting from damage due to bleaching. 
Step 1: Combine one to two pumps with bleach
Step 2: Apply as desired
Step 1: Apply Truss K Recovery 3D Shine on dry or damp hair on all sections that will be bleached
Step 2: Blow dry hair
Step 3: Apply bleach as desired

Truss Cosmetics goes the extra mile by producing all their products with the beneficial water from the Guarani Aquifer located in Brazil –a vast subterranean aquifer and the largest pure, clean water reservoir in the world– in their formulas. 

Truss Cosmetics luxurious full-service salon brands recently launched stateside with their results-driven formulas that combine the latest cutting-edge technology with organic ingredients that deliver visible results from the first use. Truss is committed to innovative formulas that deliver outstanding real results catering to every client’s needs.

Targeting professional beauty salons, owners, managers and stylists, Truss provides a full-service portfolio of results-driven products focused on superior performance for professionals and their clients alike.

For more information on Truss Cosmetics, call 1-844-TRUSS11 or visit trusscosmetics.com/index.php/en


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