2 June 2023

Tales for Trims: A Story for Style

At Salon de Luxe, four hair stylists will be hearing a lot of stories from squeaky little mouths at the new “Tales for Trims” event, where two undervalued skills, storytelling and haircutting, are combined and exchanged to celebrate the kids and the mothers that work so hard to have the best school year… which obviously includes some serious style without dropping a coin!

It is unclear where the marvelous movement begun, but more and more salons have been following the very particular back-to-school trend. No, not a hairstyling trend. More like a financial trend called “Tales for Trims” event, where mothers and kids can take a brake from the back-to-school burden and the child can pay for his or her haircut by reading a story during the trim to finalize the business transaction.

On Saturday, August 29, kids ages 4-10 can receive free haircuts in certain suites of the salon from 12 pm to 4 pm in exchange for reading out loud. Jody Haug is the owner of Hair Therapy Salon and told her local paper, The Sun Star, that she came up with the idea after seeing a Facebook post about a Dubuque stylist who conducted a similar event. The kids will choose a story to read out loud to their stylists. If the child is too young to read, then he/she can use the book to inspire themselves on their own story.

This is the first year that Haug hosts the event so she took additional steps to ensure that local mothers and schools can direct children and parents to the salon. She even reached out to Eastside Elementary School kindergarten teachers, asking them to donate books for the event.

The cosmetologists taking part in this include owners Rebecca of Darling Salon, Susan of Simply Gorgeous, Cyndi Sue of Artistic Hair Design and Jody of Hair Therapy Salon.


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