19 June 2024

Haircolor How To! Nature’s Energetic Colors Step by Step with Goldwell

Goldwell Regional Artistic Team, Necole Capicchioni created a bold soft look all at the same time! The style and color was inspired by the waves of the ocean during an evening summer sunset using styling products like the Goldwell StyleSign Collection. Here’s her step-by-step on how to achieve this look!

Hair Transformation Formulas:

Step 1. Formula (A) – 30 ml Topchic 3% (10 vol) + 25ml 9G + 5 ml GG-Mix
Formula (B)- back to back micro-mini weaving – 30 ml Topchic 9% (30 vol) + 30 ml 7KR.

Step 2. Divided into two sections A&B. Slice diagonal, back to back sections
Formula (A) 30 ml Topchic 3% (10 vol) + 25ml 9G + 5 ml GG-Mix
Formula (B)  weave , rotating  Topchic 9% (30 vol) + 25ml 9G + 5 ml GG-Mix  & 30mls Topchic  9% (30 vol) + 30 ml 7KG.

Section 3. Foundation formula – 50 ml Colorance lotion + 25 ml 7KR

Once the application is completed process 30 minutes.


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