1 April 2023

You Are the Voice of Your Business: Discover How Influential You Are

If you haven’t checked out Klout.com or the Klout App, you have to. By connecting your social media outlets –Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress, etc.– it measures the interaction you get and how influential you are, it is a great business tool,” says Patrick McIvor, Artistic & TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS California and Techni-Color Director of Arrojo.

The best way to create an impactful online presence is to create and share great content, and Klout helps to do exactly that by measuring the reaction posts get. Klout’s definition of influence is the ability to drive action – something is shared on social media and people respond. It actually assigns a score to measure the impact of that online presence (scores range from 0-100) to represent how influential the content was. The average score is 40; McIvor’s score never falls below 65 (last year it ranged from 65-68), which puts him in the top 10% of all social media users in the world.

You are the voice of your business, and your livelihood depends on people listening to your story. Whether you sell letterpress cards on Etsy, run a tech startup seeking loyal customers, or manage a fashion blog that pays the bills, your success requires an engaged audience,” says Binh Tran, co-founder of Klout

Klout for me is the ultimate blood test for my social media. It measures my interactions and responses to my posts on almost all my social media, Pinterest is one obvious exception that currently can’t be connected to Klout, it measures my social interaction versus all other social media users in the world and creates my influence score,” explains McIvor. “Everyday your score goes up and down based on the last 90 days of Klout monitoring your social media outlets authorized to connect to Klout. Then, both on-line and via the Klout App you can see what’s working with your social media and keep growing your social connections and influence,” he adds.


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