19 June 2024

John Moroney Sheds Light onto Goldwell Global Zoom Challenge 2015

John Moroney, the VP & Creative Director of KAO Global Salon Division, sat down with Estetica USA to share his excitement about the beauty event of the season: Goldwell Global Zoom Challenge 2015!

The mega competition taking place at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas on October 3-5. These fabulous nights include wide varieties of entertainment and education mixed in a grand beauty event – Goldwell Global Zoom Challenge 2015.

The selected finalists will get a chance to showcase their talent, demonstrations of top artistic teams on the most popular and challenging trends of the year, an elegant gala show where masters and winners can create haute coiffure, and the chic parties to celebrate the love of beauty. Moroney has the inside scoop on the event

What are the highlights this year in the Goldwell Global Zoom megaevent in Vegas? Is there something in particular you are looking forward to personally?
“For me there are always two highlights: first and foremost, the launch of the new Color Zoom Collection. It’s always exciting to premiere the collection for our best customers and see the excitement build until we reveal the new looks. The second is the competition, where participants from around the world are able to compete in a global forum and be recognized for their outstanding work and achievement. What do I look forward to personally? Watching every competitor and their model walk down the runway and have a global audience applaud their work.”

As VP & Global Creative Director for KAO Salon Division, you run into experts and talent from all over the world. Who are you most excited about seeing in the conference this year?
“This year we have the hairdressers of the year from five different countries, including Mark Leeson from the United Kingdom, Shane Henning and Benni Tognini from Australia, Dimitrios Tsioumas from the USA and Agnes Westerman from the Netherlands, all on stage together in a panel format talking about entering photo competitions. Of course, all of the artistic presentations are sure to be exciting and inspirational.”

What is it about this unique about beauty competition that makes it so attractive and lures such a large crowd?
“I think what’s wonderful about our industry is that hairdressers are such a friendly, supportive, and tight-knit group that the really enjoy cheering each other on, especially in a competitive setting. Every single attendee knows what it’s like to stand behind a chair and work under pressure, but with the world watching, it makes it even more intense. I find that our attendees love to go and cheer and give moral support to the competitors.”

How is Goldwell seizing the opportunity to make a global splash in the US with this spectacular event?
“As with every year, we always want to make sure that our top clients have VIP status at the global event. This year our US organization is planning a series of events for their almost 1000 attendees, including key industry influencers, media, and best customers. For everyone that is unable to attend the event, we will be live streaming from Goldwelllive.com

Goldwell is present in all over the world. How do international professionals alter or inspire the way you organize this global beauty event?
“The Global Zoom Event is in a different country every year, therefore by its very nature the destination city plays an important role in the overall feeling of the event. Rather than try and focus on a specific nationality or place, Goldwell prefers to keep it simple and focus solely on the stylist and their love of hair. This is why the event and all of its activities resonate so well with stylists, no matter what country they come from.”

If you could give advice to any salon professional looking to become a winner in the future, what would your recommendation be?
“First I would say to have a clear vision. Secondly, assemble a great team and get a fantastic model. Then: practice, practice, practice! Once you have the shot, then you need to prepare for the competition by practicing your look over and over again until it becomes second nature.”

You have such an amazing group of strong educators and industry insiders throughout the event. How is education important to the brand’s development?
Education is the single most important thing we do for ourselves as stylists and for our customers. It is the very heart of the event because our stylists are looking for more than just a great show and a fun party. They are seeking inspiration and education to help them grow their careers.”

  • What Goldwell’s future plans excite you the most as Global Creative Director?
  • “While I can’t tell you about all the upcoming initiatives we have, I can tell you that we are continuing to develop collections and services to inspire stylists and attract new clients to the salon.”

For more information, please visit www.goldwelllive.com


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