26 May 2022

Kayline by Wahl’s Hideaway Cart: Hairstylists’ New Best Friend!

For years, dealing with tangled cords and reaching for tools was just something stylists had to accept. But Kayline is hoping to eliminate cord complications with the new Hideaway!

This unique cart has an integrated power strip to allow stylists to move their tools closer to the chair reducing reach and cord mess.

One of the biggest complaints for stylists in the salon is cord management,” says Joe Ryan, Creative Director, Kayline by Wahl. “This mobile, electrified appliance holder allows the stylist to both bring their tools to the chair as well as manage the cords. The Hideaway provides ample storage for cords and provides six outlets inside the unit.”

Kayline hopes this new cart solves an issue stylists have been dealing with for decades. “The first issue is the long reach that is needed to get something like a hairdryer or flat iron to the back of the client’s chair where the stylist does their work,” Ryan said. “Having all the tools at the chair instead of in a mounted cabinet or a traditional trolly doesn’t solve the reach issue of the cord. In either scenario the appliance is still plugged into the wall somewhere in front of the client 5-7 feet away.”

And the distance leads to tangled cords.

That’s the second issue,” Ryan said. “The stylist is left with the tangled up mess at the end of their day. The Hideaway has a single cord that plugs into the wall with all the tools and power being mobile. The twisted mess from a day of cords continually overlapping each is eliminated. Cords live inside the hideaway when not in use and the whole unit can roll under most workstations when not in use.”

In addition to the basic Hideaway, there are two more versions of the cart being released – a colorist and makeup version.This really isn’t a cart as much as it is a stylist’s best friend,” Ryan said. “The only storage in it is for cords, or for trash. A regular cart or trolley is more of a storage item. Think of the Hideaway as a cart for your appliances. It even has an upper aluminum tray and side pockets.”

For more information call 800.821.3444 or visit kaylinebeauty.com


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