30 January 2023

Keratin Complex launches Vitalshot – Stronger Hair in Just One Shot

Keratin Complex revolutionized the beauty industry with an exclusive line of hair-care services and products that deliver the benefits of keratin protein for shinier, healthier-looking hair.

Now this innovative company has harnessed the same advanced technology in an exciting new way. Meet Vitalshot, the concentrated dose of keratin that strengthens damaged hair from the inside out.

Vitalshot features a multi-patented, triple-layer repair technology that reduces damage from previous color and chemical services and environmental aggressors. It can be used as a reparative remedy, either alone or with a conditioning masque, or added any color service —from permanent color to glosses to balayage— without extending time spent in-salon. For lightener lovers and color enthusiasts alike, this is a win-win: Not only will your hair look better on the outside, but it will also be stronger from within!

Keratin Complex Vitalshot is one formula that delivers four unique services:
Radiant Color: Strengthens bonds and increases vibrancy while coloring
Brightest Blonde: Rebuilds bonds and protects blonde and fragile hair while lightening
Reparative Remedy: Instant keratin booster that rebuilds and repairs the bonds of the hair
Masque Maximizer: Customized restoring remedy that moisturizes and strengthens the bonds of the hair

In three easy steps, Vitalshot repairs and rebuilds the bonds of the hair:
STEP 1: Gently opens the cuticle.
STEP 2: Delivers a powerful dose of keratin and other beneficial ingredients into the hair to reduce frizz, increase vibrancy and improve manageability.
STEP 3: Closes the cuticle for smoother, shinier, softer hair.

Keratin Complex Vitalshot:
• Rebuilds and repairs the bonds of the hair.
• Leaves no permanent coating on the hair.
• Strengthens damaged hair from the inside out.
• Protects hair and intensifies vibrancy.
• Can be used in all color and lightening service.

What’s more, the more you use Vitalshot, the healthier hair becomes!
Keratin Complex stylists are raving about this miracle product, and their clients are wondering where it’s been all their lives!

For my color clients, just about everyone gets a Keratin Complex Vitalshot. It improves the end result, durability, and condition of the hair. I don’t have to alter my formula or timing, so it’s also an easy fit into my schedule. Vitalshot can be used alone to repair or as a treatment in a masque; but especially important to me is that I can add one into my lightening service to protect and rebuild the hair while lightening. I can also add it into my color to strengthen while coloring. I am sure to add it into my application bowl in front of my client so they see the ampoules,” — Deb Gavin, co-owner of Fresh Hair Studio in Philadelphia and Keratin Complex International Artistic Director for Color Therapy™.

Unlike other products that concentrate on the surface quality (much like a Bandaid), Vitalshot’s unique delivery goes to the inner part of the hair and protects the structure, which results in color longevity and improves all-over health of the hair,” — Abraham Sprinkle of the Keratin Complex Elite Inspiration Team.

My hair is beaten by the Florida sun, daily. I can’t believe the difference in my hair after just one Vitalshot treatment; not only is my hair softer, I can see how my normally dull blonde color is richer and more vibrant! I have received many compliments and recommended the treatment to those people and many others!” — consumer Cindy Lindsay of Miami.

For more information, please visit www.keratincomplex.com



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