6 October 2022

How Hairstylists Can Give Their Clients a Facelift

Some would say hairstylists are miracle workers and most of the time that’s true. Now there’s one more reason for clients to walk out of the salon praising their stylists’ name – hairdressers can actually make clients look younger by giving their face a lift.

No, we’re not saying go back to school and become a plastic surgeon, but Emmy-award winning hairdresser and Creative Director for ProRituals, Terrence Michael Renk, has some simple things stylists can do to leave their clients looking younger when they leave the chair.

How to do a highlight facelift:
– Instead of applying highlights in a steady pattern around the head, layer two back-to-back foils just above the eyes and angel them down towards the corners of the eyes. For instance rather than placing foils, one, one, one one, use the pattern, one, one, one, two, one, one, one, two to continue to have brighter pieces moving upward.
– Continue doing this as you move up the head.
This creates a bright spot that automatically draws people’s eyes up by putting an emphasis toward the top of the head.
– To finish the look, identify any “droopy” features your client may have such as a lower side of their smile, crowsfeet, etc. Most people want to hide these imperfections with their hair, but instead part the hair in the opposite direction away from the feature, which will give the appearance of lifting.
– Voila, instant facelift!


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