6 December 2023

Celebrate the Craft – AIPP Awards 2015-2016 Finalists Announced!

The AIPP (Association Internationale Presse Professionnelle Coiffure) just announced the Top 100 Finalists for the coveted AIPP Awards 2015-2016!

A phenomenal 647 collections were received from a total of 36 nations. This year’s participation in the AIPP Awards set new record numbers, but the first round of judging is now complete and the contestants have been reduced down to 20 finalists in each of the 5 categories!

The final round of judging will begin on August 31st and the winners will be announced at the end of September. The Award Ceremony will take place during the Alternative Hair Show 2015 at the legendary Royal Albert Hall in London on October 11, 2015.

Here below is the complete list of 100 finalists…

Alain Pereque (Canada)
Alan Keville (Ireland)
Candice Wyatt-Minter (South Africa)
Dominic Vleer @ TOF Academy (Netherlands)
Jake Thompson (USA)
Jean Claude Aubry (France)
Maksym Kulikov (Ukraine)
Mary Brunetti (USA)
Oliver Szilagyi (France)
Papas & Pace (Australia)
Philip Bell @ Ishoka (UK)
Rizos (Spain)
Sacha Mascolo @ Toni&Guy (UK)
Saco Hair (UK)
Scott Sloan @ Sloans (Australia)
Svetlana Jouini (Norway)
Tom Kroboth (Germany)
Uros Mikic (Australia)
Watkins-Wright Hairdressing (UK)
X-Presion (Spain)

Amparo Carratalá @ Toni&Guy (Spain)
Angelo Seminara (UK)
Bernat Sayol @ Carlos Valiente (Spain)
Christophe Gaillet (France)
Chung-Yang Su @ Rokk Ebony (Australia)
David Murray (Ireland)
Ed Noijons @ Pro-Solo (Netherlands)
Emmanuel Esteban @ Anne Veck (UK)
Eros (Taiwan)
Indira Schauwecker @ Toni&Guy (UK)
Ingrid Heckmann (Germany)
Joffrey Conings @ Androgyn (Belgium)
Manuel Mon (Spain)
Mariska De Jong (Netherlands)
Nadia Semanic @ Toni&Guy (Australia)
Natalya Zheglova (Russia)
Salon A (Korea)
Salon Pure (Canada)
Sharon Blain (Australia)
Sile Peluqueros (Spain)

Angelo Vallillo @ Zullo&Holland (UK)
Anna Pacitto (Canada)
Anne Veck (UK)
Arjan Bevers (NL)
Craig Smith @ Fruition Hair (Australia)
Gonzalo Zarauza @ Centro Beta (Spain)
Hooker&Young (UK)
Jason Hall (UK)
Joey Scandizzo (Australia)
Jordan Hone @ Sloans (Australia)
Karen Brown @ Hair by JFK (UK)
Lisa Muscat-Vitale @ é Salon (Australia)
Mark van Westerop @ Pro-Solo (Netherlands)
Marvin Lin @ Flux Reel (Taiwan)
Mary Alamine @ Royals Hair (Australia)
Patrick Ahmed @ Salon Medley (France)
Richi Grisillo @ Toni&Guy (Australia)
Tatyana Nitchenko (Russia)
Tyker Ho @ Eros (Taiwan)
Uschi Perius (Germany)

Carole Haddad @ Corcorz Hair (Australia)
Dominic Vleer @ TOF Academy (Netherlands)
Hamlet Gukasyan (Russia)
Jamie Stevens (UK)
Jason Miller @ Charlie Miller (UK)
Kevin Luchmun @ Toni&Guy (UK)
Klaus Peter Ochs (Germany)
Lisette Veldink @ Pro-Solo (Netherlands)
Luis&Tachi (Spain)
Makeover (Spain)
Mary Alamine @ Royals Hair (Australia)
Michael Marenco (USA)
Nahum Aguilar & Carlo Berdejo (Mexico)
Pedro Jose Muñoz (Spain)
Robert Stary (Czech Republic)
Ruben Peña @ Toni&Guy (Spain)
Sal Misseri (USA)
Silas Tsang @ Blushes (Canada)
Tony Wilson @ Raven Haircutters (New Zealand)
Uros Mikic (Australia)

Candice Wyatt-Minter (South Africa)
Carol Bruguera (Spain)
Christophe Nicolas Biot (France)
é Salon (Australia)
Felicitas Hair (Spain)
Heading Out (Australia)
Jerry Rais (Italy)
Johanna Cree Brown (UK)
Kobi Bokshish (Australia)
Mikel Luzea (Spain)
Pelsynera (Spain)
Petra Mechurova (Czech Republic)
Raffel Pages (Spain)
Rizos (Spain)
Saco Hair (UK)
Sándor Szél (Hungary)
Sandrine Ruiz (France)
Toni&Guy (UK)
Ton Vangard (Spain)
Vivienne Mackinder (USA)


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