28 May 2022

All About Ergonomics & Comfort: Meet the Sam Villa Continuous Mist Spray Bottle

The Sam Villa brand is all about ergonomics and comfort, and the Sam Villa Continuous Mist Spray Bottle is no exception. It has been updated to make misting hair easier and more effective by creating a bagless version of the already popular spray bottle. See it in action!

The Sam Villa Continuous Mist Spray Bottle is a non-pressurized bagless, propellant-free, continuous and airless, spray mist bottle with a comfortable curved design that fits easily in hands while providing a powerful aerosol-like spray mist that can be used in any spraying position (360 degree spraying option).

Features and Benefits

  1. • NEW bagless design
  2. • Large spray pattern with even distribution
  3. • Fine mist droplet size
  4. • Prolonged/continuous spray – spray duration: 1.2 seconds per compression
  5. • 360° spraying option – bottle can be sprayed upside down without leakage or loss of prime (continues to spray without suction or pressure loss)
  6. • Airless – no contamination – long shelf life
  7. • Ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue compared to traditional trigger and fingertip sprayers
  8. • 99% bottle evacuation – keeps spraying until the water is gone
  9. • Price: $15.00

Availability: Sam Villa distributors and Sam Villa on-line!


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