5 December 2021

Sola Salon Studios give hairstylists wings!

Sola Salons has spiked our curiosity in the past few months. They were recently selected by Forbes as one of the top franchises to buy, which is unheard of in the beauty industry!

Most awards for a salon company tend to come from within the trade, which means it’s goal of helping over 5,000 independent salon entrepreneurs could not have been met more successfully.

We were curious about how having a salon studio can change the lifestyle and the business for a professional, so we decided to ask Jessica Zeinstra a Minneapolis-based stylist, editorial stylist, men’s grooming expert and educator how Sola has positively influenced business since her collaboration with Sola Salon Studios. To check out her work click here!

Tell us about your work Studio Salons and when did you start to work with them?
“I started working with Sola in July 2014. From the very beginning they were incredibly helpful and supportive. From calling product companies who weren’t responding to helping me design the layout of my space to walking me through the sales tax process they really go above and beyond to make sure you’re successful.”

Did your education as a stylist have an impact on your entrepreneurial spirit?
“Definitely. I’ve taken and taught a lot of classes which exposed me to different markets and options for what type of environment you can work in. I met a lot of professionals who were renting their own studio and were incredibly successful so naturally I was intrigued. I figured if they could do it, so could I!”

What was it that made you want a change of scenery?
“I saw how much of my weekly sales were going to the salon owner and to reach my personal financial goals I would have had to dramatically increase my prices which would have driven away a good chunk of my clientele. I also started receiving more education and freelance opportunities, which made it increasingly difficult to coordinate schedules.”

How does media and web impact your business and your salon’s brand?
The majority of my clients find me through Google and Instagram searches so making sure you have a strong presence online is crucial. I also make sure everything I post to social media coordinates and shares the same message so future and current clients know what they can expect.”

In many careers it is becoming popular not only to promote yourself like a brand, with hairstyling, how did your clients react to that?
“I think the more recognition I receive as a “brand” the more my clients respect me as a business. In the hair industry, every successful salon has a brand and being an independent stylist is no different. My studio is a successful salon. It might be slightly smaller than the average, but it is a salon nonetheless and therefore needs to be a recognizable brand.”

What would you tell someone is looking to become an independent stylist (what advice would you give to a younger version of yourself)?
“Go for it. I was very surprised by how many clients started sending in referrals when I went out on my own. They have become much more invested in my business and genuinely wanted to see me succeed instead of the salon owner with whom they had no connection. I have raised my prices and my business has almost tripled within the last year.”

My favorite quotes that I read aloud almost every day are:
“FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real”
“There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky, and you ask “what if I fall?” Oh but my darling, what if you fly?” –Erin Hanson

What are the top three advantages of working with studio salons as opposed to other alternatives that beauty professionals have?
“It splits the difference between renting a chair in a traditional salon environment and opening your own salon. It has all of the benefits without the liabilities. You will establish a much stronger relationship with your clients, you have the ability to make your own schedule, and I’ve developed a deeper passion for the industry and more pride for my work.”

For more information on Sola Salons, please visit www.solasalonstudios.com


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