7 February 2023

Basim Shami shares LOVE for Farouk Systems 2015 Cancun Conference

Farouk Systems proudly hosts their annual 2015 biennial Global Conference at the Moon Palace Resorts in Cancun, Mexico on September 18-22. The President of Farouk Systems, Basim Shami, son of founder Farouk Shami, explains to ESTETICA the importance of this extraordinary beauty event.

Educators will provide attendees unique hands-on workshops and seminars to help customize career paths through original styling with multi-talented Global Board Artists. As a company of hairdressers for hairdressers, it is a priority in Farouk Systems to provide attendees with superior advanced education.

This is a very important year for Farouk (50th anniversary of the company). How are you both personally/professionally living this celebration?
“As one of the only professional haircare companies celebrating 50 years, we are very excited about this years’ special celebration! It represents not only my father’s legacy and personal experiences over the years but how we have touched the lives of hairdressers around the world. To celebrate, we will be featuring these experiences in Cancun at our biennial International Conference showing how the industry was elevated and how our role being one of the most important factors in that elevation by way of our patents and inventions.”

As president of Farouk Systems, what are you most excited about seeing in the Cancun Conference this year?
“I am excited for our fellow hairdressers to gather from around the world to share knowledge while spending a few days together enjoying the beach, our great entertainment with rapper Flo Rida and recording artist Natalie La Rose and an array of formal classes and shows. As an added highlight, I am looking forward to presenting our specially designed showcase that includes our products and history through 3D screens and holograms.”

What is it about this unique global beauty conference that makes it so successful?
“Our conferences are successful due to our distributors, partners and artists that together, bring global exposure to one spot; Cancun.”

What can a stylist hope to gain from attending this beauty conference?
“Our fellow hairdressers will not only be exposed to the latest trends from around the world but will have the opportunity to register for classes that include: demonstrations and hands-on learning while sharing with each other, their global experiences.”

How does your family success story inspire the spirit of this fabulous global beauty event?
My hope is for others to learn that my family’s success story is also their success story. Everyone can have a chance to be successful, all it takes is hard work, delegation, commitment and bringing possible to the impossible. This is done by believing in yourself and your industry.”

Farouk is present in over 133 countries, do international professionals affect the way you organize this global beauty event? 
“Yes, we are in contact with them so we can plan this event together. Their participation is a key factor.”

Does your father’s story as an immigrant affect your decision to cancel your sponsorship of the Miss USA Pageant, what have been the consequences of dropping the event?
“Our company is multicultural, with people of Latin American descent making up a large percentage of our employees and loyal customers. As a company proudly founded on the concept of coming to the USA in pursuit of the American Dream, Mr. Trump’s comments do not and will never reflect our company’s philosophy or practices.”

If you could give advice to any salon professional looking to become an independent entrepreneur, what would it be?
Pursue your dreams whatever they are from owning your own salon or a chain of salons or being global artist or celebrity hairdresser. To accomplish this, start with working for someone who has the same spirit and inspiration then, start working on doing your own. Don’t waste time talking about it, just do it!”

What is the most memorable piece of advice that you father passed onto you before you took over Farouk?
Take a risk, without risk there is no reward.”

What is next for Farouk Systems that you are excited about, anything planned for fashion week?
“We are excited about our new partnerships from the Kardashian, Esquire and other celebrity artists.”

For additional information on Farouk Systems 2015 Cancun Conference, please visit Farouk.com


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