19 August 2022

Video Alert: Crossover Loop Ponytail! A 5-Minute Hairstyle from Sam Villa

The ponytail – quick, sophisticated and versatile. Without fail, women turn to it for many occasions because it can be everything – casual, dressy, youthful, sophisticated, funky and classic.

Sam Villa, Founding Partner of Sam Villa and Redken Education Artistic Director, shares a how to for a Crossover Loop Ponytail – and elegant version that can be created in minutes!

Tools: Elastics, hairpins, grip and the Sam Villa Texturizing Iron to texturize the hair prior to styling to add volume and ensure the style will not slip or fall out.

The Crossover Loop Ponytail

  1. ● Take a diagonal section from the front of the ear to just below the high point of the head.
  2. ● Add a small amount of backcombing for lift and volume. Comb all of that hair back and secure with an elastic to create a ponytail.
  3. ● Starting at the lobe of the ear, take a diagonal slice of hair using the finger back toward the ponytail.
  4. ● Cross that section diagonally up and over the top of the ponytail. When crossing that section over, come up through the opposite side of the ponytail with two fingers, grab the cross over section with those two fingers and bring that section down through the pony. Pull the cross over section down tight and secure with a hairpin.
  5. ● Take a diagonal section from the side the hair was pulled through, cross it over to the other side – where it was crossed the first time is the location to pull the hair through – repeat for the opposite side of the head.
  6. ● Carefully come back up through the crossed section with two fingers and pull that section down through it and secure by sliding a grip down from the top.

Once the ponytail is created, the remaining hair can also be customized for alternate looks; continue down with a braid, add curls or simply leave it straight for a sleek and sophisticated finish.


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