26 September 2022

America’s Prime Salons: Boston’s Roffi Salon & Day Spa

Boston’s famed ‘green salon’ Roffi Salon Day & Spa is a treat for anyone looking for the top professionals in relaxation and beauty. Its owner and founder, Michael Roffi sets the bar for the salon’s success.

Known as a master cutter, Michael trained at Sassoon in London, and is a curly hair expert certified cutter & trainer for Ouidad specializing in dry cuts. He gives us now some tips that will sharpen your salon strategies and give some insight into the realities of working with acclaimed brand Joico and being an eco-friendly salon.

Roffi is Boston’s 1st Eco-Friendly Salon, what are the first changes a salon can make to improve its environmental consciousness?
“Start with a free audit assessment of energy consumption. Contact your energy provider and state energy departments. NSTAR provided Roffi with LED bulbs and did all the installation free of charge which was a $3,000+ deal.”

How much of an additional expense is it to be a “green” salon?
Being environmentally friendly is less expensive than is perceived.
• Using LED lights has lowered the electric bill by more than 20% (and they were free).
• We have saved over 3 million gallons of water in 3 years.
• We take materials used for hair color to be recycled, including color tubes, canisters and foils. We also recycle newspapers, magazines, cardboard, paper, plastic and metal.
There is a cost for pick up but we have avoided 2 tons of trash by recycling or reusing. In this effort we have avoided 270,000 pounds of climate trapping carbon like planting 275 acres of forest. The savings in some areas out weigh the additional costs in others.”

I understand your salon offers the service to travel for weddings, how successful has this venture been for the salon?
“Our wedding business has been very successful and offering travel service has been more than half of the income. Having our “work” seen by so many people at one event has lead to many long term clients in the salon.”

How is it partnering with a company like Joico?
“Partnering with Joico is the best of both worlds – superior color/products with full support and education which allows us to operate as a team and to ‘speak the same language’ when color or styling our clients.”

What makes the Joico brand so unique?
“The People! From the very start, transitioning from other color lines to Joico, the company and representatives made it easy, exciting, and smooth! Amazing support at every level; constant contact and support every week. Talented, energetic, down-to-earth artists support the Joico line fully. The advanced technology in the color lines and products support healthy hair-care.”

What are some Joico products you absolutely cannot live with out?
“Hair Shake! Smooth Cure! Humidity Blocker! K-PAK RevitaLuxe!!

What is some advice that you can provide to up and coming entrepreneurs in running a successful business?
Start with taking a salon business course to know what your goals should be. Set up a training program for your employees based on great hospitality and technical services and be clear about the salon philosophy and mission.”

How important is education nowadays for a salon? What education sources are you and your team taking advantage of?
“Education is key; the most up-to-date technology and trends are important to help keep our clients current. Every stylist at Roffi Salon, regardless of age or number of years in the business, is required to grow and be creative. Joico education gives us many ways to learn, have fun learning, and build individual creativity.”

What does Roffi Salon do to encourage a team mentality?
Team culture is the essence of the business. Be clear on philosophy and salon mission. Have everyone take classes together so they can collaborate and share knowledge. Have lots of team events (i.e. summer parties), Halloween parties, bowling parties. Organize group trips to industry events like trade shows. Experiencing events together creates great team spirit!

How important are the charitable organizations to Roffi?
“Getting involved with your community creates a solid foundation for the business. Support clients’ causes by giving gift cards to their charity and they will support your business. It builds relationships based on generosity and compassion. Pick a main cause that your team feels strongly about and each year at the same time have a fundraising period (raffling off services and cut-a-thon). This is a win-win; helping people in need as well as building a great team spirit.”

Do you believe it is sometimes important to disconnect? If so what do you do to disconnect?
I believe in the philosophy of work hard, play hard. The more fun I have when I disconnect, the more fun I have in the salon and the more stories I have to tell. I ski, ride horses and spend summer weekends at the beach house. Life is good!

  • Finish this sentence! This salon cannot survive without______.  Why?
  • The perfect team. With a great team comes great hospitality, great technical service, and people who give off positive energy and are passionate about what they do.”


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