22 February 2024

Video Alert! 3 Ways To Blow Dry Hair To Achieve Various Degrees of Volume

The foundations we learned in hair school included the principles of setting the hair with rollers. Reach back… do you remember what you were taught? Off Base. Half Off Base. On Base.

These principles taught us how to achieve various degrees of volume based on the placement of the roller in relation to where it sits at various degrees from the scalp. Now let’s take a look at how these same principles relate to blow-drying the hair. Guess what… they are the same! In this video, Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa, is just using brushes instead of rollers and a blow dryer instead of a hood dryer.

Blow-dry’s can be one of the most pivotal services we perform for our guests. We can enhance or destroy a great haircut or we can “brush-a-flage” a terrible haircut into something beautiful (of course it would be someone else’s terrible haircut). To perform these works of magic we just need the tools, product and the skills to do so!


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