24 July 2024

The EveryDayPeopleProject: create beauty by giving back!

Sometimes, it’s best to hear it straight from the stylist’s mouth, Joi Rooks, owner of fresche salon (Atlanta, GA, www.fresche.net), explains her EveryDayPeopleProject #frescheEPP program.

I am so proud of a project we are doing at fresche salon and all the love that goes into it. It’s called the EveryDayPeopleProject #frescheEPP.  Each month we select a nominee who is deserving of a little pampering and a new look. They are women who may not always get that in their lives, and are so appreciative for this opportunity. They receive all hair services we feel they need, brow shaping, makeup and a photo shoot. My entire team participates and it’s so rewarding for everyone,” says Joi Rooks.

The EveryDayPeopleProject began because Joi wanted to do something to help build confidence in the lives of women in their community who may not be in a position to do that for themselves. They began by asking their clients to nominate someone they felt was deserving of a free makeover. The fresche team posted info about it everywhere to start building awareness. Then, they started getting nominees and their story as to why they should be selected. The project started in January and they have done 5 women so far (5 images attached below). Check the video!

The makeover includes a consultation where they truly get to know who these women are. “We ask a lot of questions, and more in depth than the average consult questions. For instance, “If money were no object, who would your style icon be? Then, we start putting together a whole new look for them, including color, haircut, brow shaping and a makeup application,” explains Rooks. The fresche team collaborates on clothing and accessories for their photo shoot and that’s where the real fun starts! They are a little nervous and unsure going into this, but during these shoots everyone laughs a lot, have some wine, and watch them blossom. And, the entire team gets a chance to participate, which in turn builds their skill set to do this type of work.  “We are fortunate that one of our salon receptionists, Jill Yoder, is also a photographer and makes these women feel very comfortable during the shoots,” adds Joi.

We will continue to treat one woman a month to her moment throughout the remainder of the year.  Next year, we plan to complete our #frescheEPP by hosting a fashion show event to showcase each monthly recipient,” explained Rooks.

And, that’s the story of how Rooks and her team create beauty by giving back!



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