5 March 2024

Rankin & Gallimore: Two Minds, One Passion

When two image celebrities meet there are two potential scenarios: a disastrous clash or love at first sight. We might see a devastating conflict of personalities, or perhaps a dialogue that gives rise to something exemplary, when the two personages decide to interact.

Fortunately the latter was the case in the collaboration between two of the most representative talents of the contemporary fashion universe: the photographer Rankin and make-up artist Gallimore. The fruits of this artistic liaison have become a book with a title that is as eloquent as it is essential: Andrew Gallimore by Rankin‘.

United by the experience of the Magazine Hunger, the two British artists are indeed the co-authors of a photographic volume that constitutes the fourth chapter of a series signed by Rankin, who had paid homage to Alex Box, Ayami Nishimura, and Caroline Saulnier.

Amidst images of the (recent) past and unpublished shots taken ad hoc for this new opus, the book reveals the canons of beauty light years away from the conventions of fashion, which are often transformed into predictable clichés. Under Rankin’s lens and Gallimore’s hands, the make-up evolves to become a disturbing mask of magnetic and irresistible fascination.

In this visionary process of aesthetic de-construction, the English actress Vicky McClure is transformed into Steve Strange, the defunct leader of the Visage and new romantic hero of London in the 1980s. The same “makeover” is reserved for the model Ellen Burton, who receives a particular treatment, assuming six different physiognomies, all inspired by British iconography of the late 1950s: from Twiggy to Annie Lennox, from Adam Ant to Siouxsie Sioux.



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