2 February 2023

Exclusive Tête-à-Tête with Farouk’s Lisa Marie Garcia: Ready for Cancun 2015!

ESTETICA had the immense pleasure of talking to Farouk System’s VP of Shows and Education, Lisa Marie Garcia, who gave us some insight into the incredible global beauty show that will take place in September in Cancun’s tropical 5 Star Moon Palace Resort Golf & Spa!

Hairstylists and beauty industry insiders will have a chance to mingle with the tier of talent in the salon industry and learn from them in workshops. Best of all, Flo Rida and Natalie La Rose will be making a pit stop to help attendees celebrate the love for beauty business – who would want to miss this?

Online Registration is Open at www.farouk.com

As VP of Shows & Education, you run into experts and talent from all over the world. Who are you most excited about seeing in Cancun Conference this year?
“I am excited to see everyone1 This might sound like a common statement said by many but it really isn’t. Through all my travels around the world for Farouk Systems I have met hairstylists, salon owners and other educators that share your same passion. This is priceless as they excite you with their ideas and techniques which in turn becomes a melting pot of sharing. There isn’t anything that can compare with this brotherhood and love for what we do.”

What is it about this particular global beauty event that makes it so successful?
“As a company we have prided ourselves in promising attendees a platform filled with the finest and most advanced education. To do this, we have incorporated our Global Artistic Board to plan and conduct a high standard of techniques and information that will help stylists to build a stronger foundation. It is this promise that brings them back each and every year. In turn, when they return to their salons, they share the education and experience with their fellow stylists which continues to increase attendance.”

I understand this is an important year for Farouk Shami (50th anniversary of the company). Is the festival going to have a special event in his honor?
“Yes, we are planning to celebrate him throughout the entire conference. What we have all leaned about him from the very beginning is his love for his fellow hairstylists. The most rewarding thing about conference for Farouk is being around hairstylists. He loves nothing better than to be surrounded by his peers as this is the very reason he founded Farouk Systems. His mission was to provide his fellow hairstylists with safer and the most advanced product and tools which is his continued commitment.”

How does networking & mingle with stylists from around the world play a part in this beauty event?
“The opportunity to mingle with stylists from around the world is what is so important to me and the company. It is a time for all of us to be one with each other as we share our experiences and knowledge. I have learned so much from hairstylists from around the globe that has allowed me to grow personally and our educational teams.”

Why is the selected location in Cancun?
“Cancun has been the perfect location for us for many reasons. But, mostly it serves as the perfect platform with all the vivid colors Mexico is known for. Farouk’s first love is color and Cancun has the perfect color wheel with an array of colorful flowers, the blue waters and the beige and gold tones found in the sand. Another important reason is the relaxation you will experience, the beautiful weather and some down time to enjoy so many amenities the Moon Palace provides.”

What can a stylist hope to gain from attending this beauty conference?
“A stylist will not only witness the finest education and latest techniques but will walk away with making new friendships from around the globe. It is the perfect setting for continuing our global efforts of bringing fellow hairstylists together and joining the Farouk Systems family.”

How important is entertainment a part of this conference?
“This plays as an added bonus for attendees to let loose and have some fun. Flo Rida and Natalie La Rose are the perfect choice to join together all generations into an evening of music, dance and memories.”

Color is a big trend again this year, what other trends are you highlighting in this edition of your Cancun Conference?
We have a full itinerary planned that includes…
50 Years of Hairdressing Runway Show
Inspired by Farouk’s 50 years in the hair industry, Farouk Systems’ Global Board presents a runway show that will offer a look at the past five decades of hairstyling trends. From the bouffant to the bob, see how far the industry has come in this celebration of our industry’s history.
FSI Trend Collection Show 2015
Farouk Systems creative and artistic directors unveil their latest trend collection for the first time! Bringing the top industry trends in cut and color from Europe, this presentation will introduce you to the next must have looks and cutting-edge techniques.
Global Runway Show
Award-winning stylists from around the globe introduce trends from their home countries to the international runway. Creating an exceptional experience, this runway show unites Farouk artists from around the world while highlighting their unique perspectives and progressive styles.
Student Hair Show
Every hairdresser has a unique story and every artist started as a student with passion and creativity. Witness the industry’s future trendsetters as they debut their masterful work. Enjoy and support the top Farouk Systems students from our top CHI schools around the U.S. as they take on their biggest stage yet!
Picture Perfect: A live Photoshoot with Fadil Berisha
Fadil Berisha is an elite photographer known for glamour and luxury. Fadil’s extensive client list includes Halle Berry and he has worked on campaigns for luxury brands like Rolex. His work has been published in Vogue, Allure and Harper’s Bazaar to name a few. Famed for stunning images and striking celebrity portfolios, Fadil knows the ingredients for creating a visual masterpiece. Join Farouk Systems Global Board members Sherri Hill, Tammy Mixon, stylist for Miss Universe; and Rocky Vitelli, Canadian Hairdresser of the Year, as they create the gorgeous, camera ready hair. Don’t miss the chance to see them in action as Fadil works a live photo shoot on stage! Gain insight from the best in the business and take the images of your work to the next level.
Special Q & A with Celebrity Stylists
What does it take to become a celebrity stylist? Wonder how they got their start? Join us for this special Q&A featuring stylists that have an extensive Hollywood client list.

How does Mr. Farouk Shami’s success story inspire the spirit of this fabulous global beauty event?
Farouk’s story is that of the American Dream. He was a stylist that loved this industry more the words can say. His health issues forced him to develop a color that he could use, as giving up the industry he loved, was out of the question. He started with nothing except an idea. It was this idea that turned into a global company and inspiration for anyone to chase their own dreams. He has traveled the world sharing his knowledge and winning the hearts of stylists around the world. Everyone he touches never forgets his love and concern for their well-being.”


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