6 October 2022

LUCi Ring: Armor for your Fingers!

It happens. Hairstylists are human, so it is safe to assume that regardless of the skill, stylists will cut themselves. It happens everyday to experts all over the world who understand the hazards of the industry and the dreaded shear cut.

Now there is a fashionable solution to this particular work discomfort. Duct tape, Band-Aids, or bandages all have adhesive, which gets caught in hair and is simply a mess. The LUCi ring is a fashionable accessory with just as much style as function!

Lucile Pew is an Aveda-trained stylist who teamed up with her aunt, a custom jeweler, to design a sharp and stylish ring that covers the pointer finger from the middle knuckle to the base of my finger to avoid the cuts. It is cast with a soft metal alloy of Sterling Silver or White Bronze. This material will not get in your way while working, and shears will NOT be prematurely dulled or damaged by using a LUCi ring.

Selecting a soft metal was part of the design plan from the beginning,” Pew says on her website. “I’ve been using my sterling silver LUCi™ ring every work day for more than three years without any premature dulling or damage to any of my shears.”

You can purchase the LUCi Ring in sterling silver for $75, or in white bronze for $50, in all popular sizes at www.luciring.com

If you want to check out the video of the LUCi Ring in use click here!


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