26 March 2023

Art of Excellence – Celebrating 70 Years of Estetica

Estetica is the guest of honor at the contemporary art exhibition ‘Art for Excellence‘ in Turin (Italy) featuring the work of Marina Muñoz Viada.

It all started 70 years ago – the birth of Estetica magazine. This global publication had its origins in 1946 and was launched by Mino Pissimiglia, the father of Estetica Network current Publisher and Director, Roberto Pissimiglia. Estetica plans on having more celebrations of its anniversary, which will come alive in the next spring. Indeed, this celebration on June 8th placed the Estetica Team at the contemporary art exhibition ‘Art for Excellence‘ in Turin, which will take place until June 18.

Sabrina Sottile organizes the exhibition in conjunction with the World Congress of Chambers of Commerce heading to Turin. The event is however, sponsored by Banca Mediolanum and Infinity, who have joined the art world with entrepreneurial spirit by entrusting their interpretation of brand excellence to 21 artists, both from Italy and abroad. Among the present was Estetica’s staff, which originally saw the light on the banks of the Po in 1946.

The work, titled ‘Paper Beauty‘, is located in the historic rooms of the palace Marenco and is crafted by renowned author and Spanish artist, Marina Muñoz Viada. It is a collage of wood that not only displays 70 years worth of the magazine’s history but also 70 years of international traditions shared by same lifestyle. As explained by the author on the occasion of the public event, “These fragments of colored wood serve as splinters crossing fast into time, and anchor the pages of the prestigious magazine Estetica. ‘Paper Beauty’ is a collage that represents the publication, through the covers and the original images of the magazine, since 1946, accompanied by time periods and styles to celebrate the art of hairdressing.”

Roberto Pissimiglia, Publisher and Director of Estetica Network, spoke of the magazine’s first steps in the world of hairdressing and explained about the prestigious group of artists, beauty journalists, and intellectuals that started the 1946 Estetica edition, which was originally commissioned by his father Mino Pissimiglia and was later joined by his wife –Roberto’s mother– Olga, in the 50’s.

Beside ‘Paper Beauty’, there are 20 other works in the exhibition, offering a variety for unusual artistic techniques and materials, especially in relation to the brand of inspiration. Also present at the event were all the staff of Estetica Italia along with Roberto and his sister Gabriella, and many hairdressers from both Italy and Turin who have witnessed Estetica’s growth over the years and who did not dare to miss this first celebration.

Estetica Network numbers 25 international editions distributed in 60 countries worldwide with an overall circulation of 335,000 copies. The editorial offices, graphics department, sales and administrative offices are located in Turin, Italy. But Estetica also relies on teams based in Paris, London, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Miami, Mexico City, etc. as well as specialized journalists in every corner of the globe. All these individuals are the lifeblood of our magazine.

Artist: Marina Muñoz Viada
Title: Paper Beauty
Medium: Wood and collage over wood
Size: 250×125 cm


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