27 May 2022

Calling All Beach Babies! Meet TIGI Bed Head’s Totally Beachin’

It is inevitable, the more fun your clients have on the beach the harder it is to save them from those dehydrated, salty and nappy dreads. Now TIGI has the solution so that the heads that you colored last week can come back after summertime healthy and workable.

Bed Head’s new Totally Beachin’ line was placed under what they call the Miami Torture Test: the products were tested under the most damaging factors that are encountered when taking a 2-week seaside detour in the Magic City. A total of 7 factors, including sweat, sea, sand, and heat, were tested for 14 consecutive days while using the summer product line. Then the locks were tested and the results were eye opening!

The protective outer layer was completely stripped away when strands were placed under a microscope under normal conditions but with consistent use of Bed Head’s summer cocktail, there was no splintering or vulnerability, but rather a protected outer surface and a healthy core. The hair was overall easier to comb throughout the test due to increased smoothness, no more comb-less boat hair!

Most importantly, a vacation will cause hair breakage. Tests showed that the generic hair sample had an average of 200 hair fibers during the test. The Totally Beachin’ sample lost an average of 2 hairs due to breakage.  

To top this off, Bed Head has added a cherry on top of this amazing beach combination. Yes; a hot pink cherry: Beach Bound! The hot pink sphere is a Protection Spray for Colored Hair that is the holy grail of frizz and heat defense. This potion protects up to 230 degrees and truly diminishes frizz. With grapefruit extract and UV filters, your clients only have to smell like citrus to protect their golden locks from exposure to seasonal aridness.

So your client has a vacation? No problem… Bed Head’s new Totally Beachin’ secures your work of art will last as long as it should and not a day less in the hot mess of summer fun!

For more info on Bed Head’s new Totally Beachin’ click here!


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