28 September 2022

Monday Biz Tips! 10 Tips for Improving Your Nail Department

Let’s face it, nails REALLY matter. Like many other departments in the salon, nail artists can vary in workflow, styles, services, speeds and even products. It is the job of the salon owner to create guidelines that keep the services up to salon par efficiency and quality.

These 10 simple goals can have a drastic impact in nail departments to ultimately give your specialist the tools of business transparency, proper nail-care tips for customers, salon products and even improved efficiency.

1. Create a standard for each service provided.
2. Teach time-saving techniques to empower staff to become more effective and efficient.
3. Construct and customize an add-on menu that is easy to use and exclusive to your salon.
4. Suggest verbiage to take the pressure off of offering add-ons.
5. Show the math and the money behind pedicure and manicure/pedicure packages.
6. Focus on how to introduce products for home care without feeling like you’re pressuring the guest.
7. Provide advice on professional products so nail techs know exactly which products to use with every service.
8. Make retail product suggestions so we have enough to sell to reach retail goals.
9. Suggest home care kits and products to maintain proper nail health.
10. Address sanitation requirements according to your state laws.

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