27 May 2022

Are you a Rocker, a Fighter or a Beard Man? Get the Looks with American Crew

We love men’s trends here at ESTETICA, and decided to highlight three of the more inspirational ones along with vital tips to achieve the looks. Paul Wilson, International Artistic Director of American Crew, talks to us about how to achieve each one of these contrasting looks!

Beard Man/ Beard Culture
Beard sculpture can only happen if you understand the face shape and how much of an impact can be made through the use of the silhouette. Most guys do not realize that the minute details can affect face shape, especially around the neck. Vary the shapes of the beards and their lengths.
Paul Wilson: “We are using American Crew Liquid Wax on the beard to shape and mold, but apply high shine on the hair as well as American Crew Grooming Cream pomade, on top of a gel base, to support shape.”

Old Rocker Culture
There are different ways to rock the pompadour, by taking length on the sides, a flat crown and some weight on the bottom.
Paul Wilson: “It is mostly gel based styling, followed by gently pressing down American Crew Molding Clay to break the stiffness of the gel, and lastly American Crew Grooming Spray if you needed support.”

MMA Fighter Culture
It’s all about attitude. The hair and facial must mimic that attitude. An aggressive statement is not easy to create without the edge but because of that, the look can vary from a high shine to a matte, simply depending on what product is used.
Paul Wilson: “The more impacting look in this trend is applying high shine. For a more touchable look, try the American Crew Liquid Wax, which dries matte.”

American Crew presented these three trends on the runway of their presentation at America’s Beauty Show 2015. Don’t miss American Crew’s next men’s grooming event at Premiere Orlando 2015 – Booth 3943 in just three days!


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