25 April 2024

A Powerful Future for Healthy Hair with the New ElixirONE by Eufora

Eufora International, global innovator in the professional hair care space, announces the launch of ElixirONE™, the next generation in healthy hair care “must haves”.

ElixirONE™, a powerful hair perfecting potion, syncs with the hair to create unprecedented body, movement and shine by responding to each individual’s type or texture. The transformational effects of ElixirONE inspire users to call the product a “magic potion”, because it effectively addresses multiple condition-issues in a single formula.

Two proprietary ingredient infusions within the formulation —Damage Cure Complex™ and Vibrant Color Complex™— work together synergistically to nurture needy hair in multiple ways, repairing past damage, correcting present deficiencies and shielding every strand against future damage. The results: sexy movement, memory, manageability and vibrancy return to once-porous, dry, lifeless tresses.

Damage Cure Complex™ addresses structural trauma to the follicle, repairing both the inner and outer hair cuticle to improve texture. Penetrating deep into the strand, this powerhouse blend restores moisture and supplies nutrients to the scalp, reducing breakage and stimulating new growth.

This core-strengthening complex replenishes the lipid barrier between the scales of the cuticle to help hair retain critical moisture for a stronger strand and smoother feel. Sugar Beet Betaine enhances the production of ATP, the energy molecule of every living thing, increasing energy-production in the root-bulb of the follicle where hair growth begins. Hair loss is also reduced through the action of Hexapeptide 11, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that intercepts free radicals that age the hair strand prematurely. Sugar Cane, Lemon and Apple extracts gently exfoliate and lift away dead skin cell debris on the scalp which may prevent growth, while Neem, Argan, Kukui and Cranberry Oils moisturize, soften, fight bacteria and provide antioxidant protection.

Vibrant Color Complex™ protects hair color, whether permanent, semi-permanent, or natural, from the pigment-fading that often results from heat styling, multiple chemical processes, sun, and other environmental exposure. This vitamin-rich antioxidant blend utilizes Chromaveil™ technology; Brazil Nut Oil, Tea Leaf Extract and Cranberry Oil, and provides UV protection to prevent future color-degradation.

This pigment-protecting complex creates a barrier between the strand and multiple oxidative adversaries in the environment, which include fluorescent indoor lighting. The Eufora All Plant Essence™, containing the precious essential oils of Sage and Thyme, add a detoxifying aromatherapy element to the elixir. These botanical ingredients, used in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome as purifying herbs, decongest the scalp to release the excess sebum build-up in the follicle that inhibits robust growth.

Go to www.eufora.net to find where to purchase. MSRP $49.50


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