16 August 2022

Long live Brunettes! Jorge Buccio talks IGORA ROYAL High Power Browns Revolution

With Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA ROYAL High Power Browns brunettes will no longer be in a committed relationship with their natural hair color. ESTETICA met with Jorge Buccio, Schwarzkopf Professional Member of the Schwarzkopf Professional Artistic Team, to talk about the new, amazing IGORA ROYAL High Power Browns!

Celebrity Stylist, Entrepreneur, Fashionista and NAHA finalist, Jorge Buccio was captivated by hair and fashion at a young age. The passion for the marriage between these two soon took him on a journey to the US, where at the age of 18 he began his apprenticeship at The Gallery Salon and attended fashion design school where he received his BA. Today Jorge owns J Buccio Salon in Austin, TX while maintaining his star studded clientele in both Chicago and Los Angeles. Jorge travels the world educating fellow artists as well as working backstage at numerous fashion weeks including New York Fashion Week and Buenos Aires Fashion Week.

Explain to us what makes IGORA ROYAL High Power Browns so revolutionary?Schwarzkopf Professional is always innovating, creating great products to empower stylists. Brunettes are a very exciting clientele, we love them. They are never boring. There are so many facets and creative options! For perfect, controlled, warm or cool browns it was the perfect time to have a product line dedicated to brunettes. IGORA ROYAL High Power Browns give you an amazing opportunity to grow your salon business: beautiful, predictable results – in less time! No need to pre-lighten anymore when we have guests with dark natural levels, who want perfect cool or warm controlled browns. I am so blown away with the clarity and predictability of IGORA ROYAL High Power Browns.”

What are the most amazing features of this Schwarzkopf Professional’s new color launch?Definitely, its High Definition Powerlift Technology, specially designed for clients with dark virgin hair asking for rich brown variations from cool to warm. This technology lifts dark virgin hair (natural levels 1-5) in one easy step without pre-lightening and up to 4 levels, with up to 70% white hair coverage! Other lines just give you either the lift, or the coverage. IGORA ROYAL High Power Browns deliver both!

How important is the launch going to be for the salon business?The IGORA ROYAL High Power Browns are an amazing business tool to grow your color business: thanks to its amazing technology, you can get stunning results in a short time! Normally, you have to lift and tone dark bases, in order to achieve a perfect predictable brown (circa 140 min). With IGORA ROYAL High Power Browns, you can do that in just one step (70 min). More clients, more money!

How relevant is this new service for Latin & Mediterranean clientele?Very important! Most of my Mediterranean and Latin clientele with natural dark levels love being brunettes, and with IGORA ROYAL High Power Browns I can easily achieve perfect cool or warm browns without having to pre-lighten! It also provides more care while developing with more oil present in the color mix. With 8 available shades it gives me the ability to create a variety of tones.”

From your experience, what are some of the looks we can expect to be popular this new season?Definitely brunettes will be more than IN this Spring/Summer! Sun-kissed looks are not going anywhere… instead of an extreme sun-kissed look, brunettes will look more sophisticated and PERFECT!!! Of course, this can only be achieved at the salon and by a professional. We can notice how many techniques for brunettes are becoming so popular – like “Ecaille”, which gives you a gorgeous variation of tones… it’s all about brunettes! Also shorter lengths are taking a center stage this season, with long modern bobs and chic cropped styles!

What are some of your best tips for salon owners who are trying to keep trendy?Education is definitely one of the best ways to stay trendy and on top of your game. It is very important to know what is happening in our industry and have the ability to recreate a look with certainty and confidence. Also reading industry publications such as ESTETICA will allow you to see what’s happening all over the world and inspire you to be more daring and creative. Finally, fashion magazines and social media are also great sources of inspiration and can keep you trendy.”

Tell us about your work with Schwarzkopf Professional and when did you start to work with the brand?I have always been a FAN of Schwarzkopf Professional. About 5 years ago I decided to start a journey with Schwarzkopf Professional in the USA, and it has been one of the most rewarding and growing experiences of my life. I have met some amazing people that will be friends forever, and have grown incredibly as a professional. It all started because I wanted to share with every stylist how reliable and predictable Schwarzkopf Professional products are. Now I’m part of the Schwarzkopf Professional Artistic Team and work on spreading the Schwarzkopf Love to our Spanish speaking FANS in the USA!


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